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Lean Startup Machine USA partners with BOMBAcamp LATAM

Lean Startup Machine has partnered up with BOMBAcamp to launch their bootcamps focused on powering entrepreneurial innovation in companies in Latin America. This Alliance will further accelerate the entrance of companies and their intra-preneurs into the world of innovation using their cutting edge methodology.

Chile has been selected as the pilot country for the program.  Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is a 3 days intensive high impact Workshop focused in helping entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs as well as innovators to transform their ideas into products and services using the leading methodologies like Customer Development and Lean Startup to innovate.

“This initiative is fantastic for Latam. It will create a new way of innovating and creating successful products and services. BOMBAcamp is the perfect match to us due to their experience and quality of mentors. I’m very happy with this partnership and with its success”. Trevor Owens, CEO of Lean Startup Machine, USA

The objective is to help companies build successful products and services that people need and love, fast and cost effectively. Lean Startup Machine workshops have taken place across the globe in major cities and innovation hubs like: Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New york, Chicago; as well as London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Hong-Kong.

In addition to working with startups their method introduces a new mindset inside corporations that want to change the way they innovate. Companies like Google, News Corporation, Salesforce, Intuit, Singularity University and Wharton University among others are among organizations that have utilized their programming.


BOMBAcamp has a 5 weeks acceleration program called BOMBA_5, and their recently launched 3 month acceleration program called BOMBAstars, as well as an online platform for companies, institutions and Startups called

“The 3 day intensive Workshop of Lean Startup Machine complements our 5 weeks, 3 months acceleration programs and It will allow us to continue advancing with entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and Startups in our way to boost innovative entrepreneurship. Our mentors will work tirelessly to significantly increase the probabilities of launching and developing innovative products and services.”

– Alfredo Osorio, founder of BOMBAcamp and Lead Mentor in BOMBAcamp

About Trevor Owens
Trevor (@to) is an entrepreneur and leader in innovation and entrepreneurship methodologies. As Founder and CEO of Lean Startup Machine he has helped thousands of startups and entrepreneurs in organizations like Google, Salesforce, News Corp, Intuit among others, starting hundreds of new businesses in the 5 continents. Owens is coach for the White House´s Innovation Fellows program and features guest speaker in Princeton & Columbia University.

About Alfredo Osorio
Alfredo Osorio (@alf2021) has more than 22 years of experience as entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor for many startups. He has helped innumerable companies to innovate. Alfredo was Co-Founder International, is angel investor of among many other Startups. Currently is Founder of BOMBAcamp, WeStartupNow.