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Biofiltro wins Cleantech Open 2011 Global Ideas Competition

This year, more than 1,000 applications were submitted in countries around the world, with teams from 23 countries traveling to the Global Forum.

Six teams were then selected to present to the audience:

A panel of expert judges determined the winner:

Biofiltro of Chile

Via PitchEngine

Congrats Matias Sjögren !

His team just won $100k to begin the commercialization of Biofiltro in the USA.

What is BioFiltro?

Short-story:  a waste-water treatment system

Long-story: find out below (text and video)…

 As Fundacion Chile article points out…

The winning company designs, installs and operates dynamic aerobic biofiltration plants in Chile and abroad. It has also allowed treatment plants to be an alternative for industry and for homes, particularly in low income areas because of its low level of investment and low operating costs.

Biofiltro has installed treatment plants using its innovative technology to treat wastewaters from different sources as well as treatment plants for unstable sludge from traditional systems. Its products include project evaluation; environmental consulting such as environmental impact studies, sanitary resolution and carbon footprint measurements; and training for the correct operation and maintenance of the plants.

One of the start-up’s features is its low operating costs, bringing costs down by 35%. The product does not generate sludge and its only waste is worm humus, that can be used as an organic fertilizer in farming.

and as This is Chile article mentions:

The method attracted positive reviews and enthusiasm from public planners in Chile and throughout the world, and Biofiltro now has 80 plants in Chile, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and New Zealand.

Applying to Clean Tech Open video


Start-Up Chile program

A few months ago, BioFiltro was accepted in the 2nd round of Start-Up Chile program

About Clean Tech Open

For the second year, cleantech innovations from around the world were featured at the Cleantech Open. The Global Cleantech Open Ideas Competition looks to find ‘big ideas’ by working at a grassroots level and to support and foster those ideas by Cleantech Open host organizations worldwide. Orchestrated in conjunction with the Kauffman Foundation and Global Entrepreneurship Week, startups from around the world competed in their countries for national awards; the national winners then faced off at the Global Forum for a prize worth $100,000 in startup services.


Photo courtesy of Clean Tech Open