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Join Hackathon with Matt Aimonetti, Reuben Katz and Christian Sanz

Lenguajes Dinámicos (Dynamic Languages) and Huevapi are mixing things up in the Chilean developers community, literally and figuratively. It will be the first time that different local communities of developers plan a meetup together. And Matt Aimonetti  and friends will be there running the show, so make sure you tune in!

Note: These guys have successfully raised funding and are active in the U.S. tech community. And they are here in Chile. So make sure if nothing else you say Hola, Gracias and introduce yourself and your company. They want to meet you. They want to hear about your work.  They want to support the developers ecosystem in Chile. Following are the event details:

The event will be held next Wednesday (December 7, 2011) at Co-Work space (view map). Yeppers, these are the folks who also hosted last week’s HackSantiago event. The fun starts at 5:30 pm.

Each meetup community will provide 50 “free tickets”. RSVP here or here (but not on both url’s)!

The winner of the Hackathon will receive an iPad 2, courtesy of

To be a candidate for Hackathon’s prize, you need to develop an application based on Node.js and some NoSQL database.

The meetup includes a drink’up sponsored by BetaZeta and (50L of Kross beer). By the way, muchas felicitationes to BetaZeta. We know its already been ohhhh 5.5 months since they scored their awesome $3 million USD deal with GrupoCopesa, but we were just launching our site, soooo….better late than never. Lo siento!


… who is this Matt Aimonetti guy anyway?

Matt (@merbist) is a Senior R&D Engineer at LivingSocial. Previously, he worked on video games at Sony PlayStation after having worked for many years with startups, Fortune 100 companies and traditional companies. Matt is the author of the MacRuby book by O’Reilly and has been active in the Ruby community for many years. He is currently part of the MacRuby team, has developed or contributed to a lot OSS libraries and frameworks (MerbRails and many more), and speaks at users groups and conferences primarily in the U.S.

So we are very lucky to have him here in Chile. If he is speaking here, it obviously means we are very special.

View his presentations on Slideshare.


…how about Reuben Katz and Christian Sanz?

Reuben and Christian are the co-founders of Reuben is the CEO and Christian is the CTO of the company. is a developer communication network that raised $600k a month ago. It’s kind of a mashup between Forrst + Linkedin, but the difference, is that gives developers a chance to create profiles and house “cards” for web development achievements. This is useful for hiring purposes, because it allow recruiters to know which achievements each developer has reached over time.



5:30pm Drinkup and networking: BetaZeta and sponsorship

7:00pmGIL in Ruby and Python” by Matt Aimonetti. the definitive directory for geeks in the world” by Reuben Katz and Christian Sanz.

8:00pm The Hackathon organized by Huevapi begins


Photos courtesy of Lenguajes Dinámicos meetup community