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Nixter Raises $100k from Chilean Angel Investors

There are ‘angels’ in Chile and they even give you money! Imagine that, jejeje. Over the past month Chilean start up Nixter has disrupted the start up ecosystem on every level in Chile.

Their team has a kick ass 16 year old programmer. We personally met him and he is off the chain!


They have a great eye for design (check out their promo video). Yes, great design could definitely be declared disruptive in Chile.

They managed to raise more than $25,000 USD from Chilean Angel investors.

And their start up has nothing to do with mining or wine. Things are a changing for sure down here at the edge of the world. Vamos Chile!

The party is clearly not over for Nixter. In fact, it seems as if its just getting started!

Nixter CEO Francisco Sáez has confirmed with AndesBeat that they have successfully raised $100k USD in funding. This funding will help Nixter to test its mobile platform which allows consumers to have the ultimate nightlife experience with their mobile VIP access card. The platform offers some pretty cool features for both club managers and party goers alike. Club managers have access to a back end management system, allowing them to manage demographics and profile the type of consumers they want to reach. And hard core party goers can monitor where the hottest parties are through a live party ranking system.

Sáez stated that the funding will also allow Nixter’s entire team of 5 to travel and live in San Francisco, CA for 3 months as they take part in the Plug and Play Incubator which they recently were accepted in as a part of the Global Connections Program. Do not ask me why images of ‘The Social Network’ are appearing in my head right now.

Congratulations once again to the Nixter teamFrancisco Sáez, Francisco Yarad, Vicente Yarad, Jose Valenzuela and Joaquín Sáez. Their current advisor is Billy Aldea-Martinez.

This is a huge boost for them and for Chilean founded start ups looking to expand in the international marketplace.

Let the good times roll!