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Satelinx: Developing Custom Satellite Communications and Sensor Networks

Nicolás Kipreos, Sergio Campamá and Jose Luis Honorato co-founded Satelinx, a company that works developing custom hardware and software focused on satellite communications and sensor networks. Based in Chile and available worldwide, their expertise in GPS tracking and distributed sensor networks, offer flexible solutions according to the client’s need and the team can handle high quality solutions in tight schedules.

As a demo at Hacksantiago, the team developed a local network of temperature sensors with capacity of triggering a fan that can be remotely activated via web.



Problem it solves?

The need of temperature monitoring and conditional triggering of mechanisms according to the measure point, activating fans or heaters. With this service, you can follow the metrics of your interest through a website and activate any mechanism when you want.

Who’s your competition?

Our closer competition companies are those that are dataloggers of temperature changes, however, in our case the monitoring system works on realtime and it doesn’t matter where are you located, you can access to it from everywhere.

Satellite System (screenshot)


Sergio Campamá, Nicolás Kipreos and Jose Luis Honorato