Skip links now allows you to schedule orders from closed restaurants

Santiago, Chile – announced today they have released an exciting new feature! From today going forward, their food delivery platform allow users to make scheduled deliveries, giving customers a chance to place their orders hours before their favorite restaurants open their doors.

The online platform will handle and automatically notify all the ahead orders to each restaurant. This feature aims to help all those people that want to avoid cooking or wait long periods of time because of last minute orders.

About QueHambre is a online platform that supports over +650 food delivery restaurants at Santiago, Chile. The service started on June, 2011 and had sign contracts with +40 restaurants in Santiago. The users type their address, and have instant access to a list of restaurants that deliver food to their place, showing the menu, prices and reviews. If you’re not close to a laptop, you can always visit their optimized mobile version for iPhone and Android.