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Dream Theater keyboardist unveils EarWizard and a chilean startup partnership

The musician partnered with Felipe Peña (founder of Mindscore) to develop EarWizard, a mobile game available in 8 languages that aims to improve your auditory memory skills (which seems to be a must install app not only for musicians, but for anyone).


The game has different levels and is a free download available for both the iPhone and the iPad.

“Training your ear is the most important task that a musician must achieve on a daily basis”, says Jordan, regarding to his personal motivation to develop EarWizard. “Our goal wasn’t only to have fun, but also to let people improve their auditory memory skills”.

The training starts by playing three chord sequences that becomes longer while you’re moving to the next levels.

The app has five modes of the diatonic scale with three different mayor keys and it allows you to control the speed. It also includes Jordan Rudess videos playing each chord.

An upcoming update involves a Game Center connection, plus new sounds and videos.

A new partnership was born

The partnership between Mindscore and WizdomMusic (Jordan company) was born due to Jordan Rudess interest on Mindscore App. After noticing Mindscore, Jordan connected with Felipe, became a mentor and one of it’s main early adopters. A few weeks ago, they both attended to a private meeting at Apple HQ in San Francisco.

EarWizard launch event at Wayra Chile