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Pewen Collector, Mapuche inspired game, is now available in the App Store

Inspired by their parents business, “Centro Ecológico Alhue Lahuen“, a Mapuche Reserve located in Buin where you can find replicated indigenous plants and other things native to the culture, Fernando Rojas and Ivan Rojas (Studio Pangea co-founders and brothers) launched Pewen Collector. Their latest venture synergizes their inherited expertise in the subject along with their expertise in game design and teaching in schools.

A few months ago, Studio Pangea applied to (the Kickstarter of LatAm) with the purpose to crowdfund this educational game. To their excitement, they were the first Chilean project being funded at and they received a total of US$5,025 in funding by 38 supporters from Latin America.

Now the brothers are proud to announce they have released the first video-game inspired on the “Mapuche” culture. The game, Pewen Collector, is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone’s and iPads and it’s currently available in the App Store in Spanish and English (and of course, there’s a mapudungun version coming)!!!

We’re very excited with the launch of our first game” says Fernando Rojas, co-founder of Studio Pangea. “Due to the high interest that the game has generated and the cultural potential it has, we’ve decided to launch the game totally for free to give more people the chance to live the experience the game provides,” adds Rojas.

In Pewen Collector, the players compete to collect the highest number of “piñones” that drops off “Araucarias”. To make it happen you just need to tilt your device, more inclined means the character will move faster to collect “piñones”.

We’re satisfied with the first release of the game, however, we’re working on a new release that will provide better graphics and a deepful experience, with new adventures and characters” ends Fernando.