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AndesBeat feels the rhythm during its debut month!

Today we are celebrating the first month of AndesBeat life in the public webosphere. It has been a crazy month without a doubt and we would like to thank our early fans and supporters for helping to get the word out. Shoni and I worked several months in stealth mode, researching, networking and blogging,  prior to doing our soft-launch on November 30th, 2011.

During our soft launch, we only notified startup teams from recently featured stories on our site. And from there we let them spread the word. They did a tremendous job in building up the social aspect and exposure of our site and getting the word out through their networks.

In the first three days, our blog had already been read on 5 continents in 69 cities, and now, one month later, our blog has been read in 548 cities around the world:

This picture represents pretty well why we're AndesBeat

In terms of audience traffic:
71.23% of our readers are from Chile
13.56% USA (38,67% from California)
and the remaining difference comes from the rest of the world.

In terms of language, 41.30% are English vs 55.76% Spanish speakers.

Our main traffic sources are social networks (69.19% respectively), while search traffic only was 3.68% (even when we still don’t have any pagerank yet).

Best news of 2011

At the same time, since today is the last day of 2011, in terms of content metrics, on AndesBeat we covered a total of 53 companies (mostly Chilean startups) and we published 80 posts (counting this one).

We wanted to share some of our favorite stories from the year that we feel best summarize the AndesBeat vision:

  1. 16 year old programmer develops Chile’s most downloaded iPad app
  2. Babelverse Wins Big for Chile in Prestigious LeWeb Startup Competition
  3. Techolab announces winners in its debut competition (Part 2 of 2)
  4. Chile-Massachusetts Alliance in Education, Energy and Biotechnology
  5. Tina Seelig: ‘Chile is like Silicon Valley fifty years ago’
  6. Nixter Raises $100k from Chilean Angel Investors
  7. Biofiltro wins Cleantech Open 2011 Global Ideas Competition
  8. HackSantiago: The experience
  9. WeSync is now Hadza…Were you there?
  10. Four Geek Fantasy Camp Winners Prepare for Silicon Valley
  11. Prey for your lost iPhone…iOS now available to the public
  12. Recycla is a finalist on “World Challenge” contest, organized by BBC and Newsweek
  13. DeNA acquires Chilean mobile game firm Atakama Labs
  14. Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente receives 500k investment from Omidyar Network
  15. Chilean Team Kimeltu wins Virginia Tech (USA) KnowledgeWorks Competition
  16. Zappedy has been acquired by Groupon

We wish everyone the best of the best for 2012, and if your startup is based in Latin America, please keep us updated about your upcoming launches, news or milestones to let our worldwide readers engage and follow your beat.


Featured image credits: uwehermann on Flickr