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AndesBeat Announces Partnership with Techolab

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AndesBeat Brings Techolab, Latin America’s Largest Open and Social Innovation Platform to the World

Santiago, Chile – AndesBeat announced today that they have officially launched a partnership with Techolab (, Latin America’s largest and fastest growing open and social innovation platform. Under the partnership, will showcase select projects (in English) along with open and social innovation trends and best practices that are emerging from this rapidly growing sector in Latin America.

As AndesBeat continues to develop a startup ecosystem that is deep as it is wide so that Latin America is truly cutting edge in terms of innovation – game-changing partners, like Techolab, who share this vision and see their intersection with the world of startups will be at our core“.

Techolab is an open and social innovation ‘virtual’ platform and incubator co-created by the Innovation Center at Un Techo para mi País Chile (UTPMP), one of Latin America’s fastest growing NGO’s (currently in 19 Latin American countries and the U.S.A.) and PullcoLab, Chile’s first technology based startup dedicated to implementing and managing social communities of innovation and entrepreneurship.  In its first 5 months nearly 8,000 members have registered during their pilot, which is currently being tested in Chile.

Each quarter Techolab creates a unique competition around a question (with no apparent solution) that seeks to raise the quality of life for those living at the base of the economic pyramid by leveraging collective intelligence and structured coaching.

The first contest launched by Chilean public sector entity INJUV was entitled Desafio Clave (Key Challenge) and sought to bring about ideas to improve health/well-being, job creation and education. Close to 800 project ideas were submitted. Three grand prize winners each were awarded $60,000 USD to further prototype or scale their project.

About Techolab

Founded in Santiago, Chile, Techolab is an open innovation web platform that fosters the interaction of companies and institutions along with students and slum inhabitants to co-create together the best solutions to help overcome poverty. This is done by democratizing access to innovative methods and processes, thus reaching the best solutions. Techolab enhances the collective intelligence as the primary tool to provide concrete solutions to the challenges provided by the community.

About AndesBeat

Launched out of Santiago, Chile, AndesBeat is a cultural game-changer movement that is working to bridge the gap between Latin American and English speaking startups market by building a new channel to connect (until now) these two different worlds. covers Latin America’s uncovered startups from idea to IPO (in English).