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ePig games surpasses 1,000,000 downloads

For those who thought that a small bootstrapping Chilean game design studio was only capable of competing in the space with larger more well-funded companies when (e)pigs fly, AndesBeat is predicting that the price of pork is going to increase considerably in the near future.

The award winning ePig games studio was the first company in Chile to develop an HTML5 game.

And now, Nicolás Palacios, ePig Games CEO, along with his co-founders Andres Cortes and Diego Palacios (who is also his brother) are celebrating another huge milestone as their ePig games series has busted through 1,000,000 downloads.

After learning to program in school, Nicolás saw a bigger opportunity to develop in the games market and co-founded ePig games in 2010 with Diego. They discovered Andres after doing a casting search for a graphic designer that Andres’ girlfriend had come across.

Having bootstrapped their company for nearly the past 2 years, they recently received a bit of relief after being accepted to the Start-Up Chile government sponsored program. And as they are designing primarily for the smartphone and rapidly growing tablet market which is predicted to increase from 16.2 million sales in 2012 to 147.2 million by 2015, it seems that hitting their future milestones are only going to become more frequent in time.

Originally the company was just going to make ‘casual games’ and then as they neared the completion of their first game, they decided to incorporate the lovable and curious pig ‘Eddie’ into their series and subsequently integrate him into their company brand.

They currently have 8 games available in the apps store –  ePig SurfePig DiveePig Dashe-Pig RopeePigePigMindControlePigPrediction and their newest release is ePig Monster Smasher.

We satisfy the need for entertainment and leisure in general, through our games of our beloved character Eddie, with amazing graphics, funny sounds, the best music and factor X, Farts.‘ – Nicolás Palacios

While they have been developing their games under their franchise ePig Games, they are excited to report that they have recently started to develop games for other companies (hint, hint).

Meet the Team

Pictured in photo from left to right:

Diego Palacios, 20, is in charge of Game Design, creativity and Level design. He is currently studying business Administration. Diego is a hard core and lifelong gamer. He has been designing games on ‘paper’ since the age of 4.

Nicolás Palacios, 25, is the CEO/Developer. He has always had a love for technology, programming and games. He picked up programming while in school and continued to master it in the University where he studied Business Administration and went on to obtain his Masters in Marketing.  He currently teaches Economics at a Santiago based university and in his second life he is a Professional Magician.

He started designing apps in 2008. Two years later he saw a greater vision and a natural fit in working with his brother.

Andrés Cortes, 34, is a Publicist with a Graphic and Audiovisual Minor. He is in charge of graphic designs and communications.

Accolades and Milestones


  • 1.000.000 + customers
  • ePig Dash is ranked at the top in 16 countries
  • ePig Surf promoted by Apple on New and Noteworthy category on its official Launch Day
  • Award Winning Design recognized by Chile’s most important design competition
  • Selected for Start-Up Chile
  • Selected for Movistar Innova Acceleration Process




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