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Meet AndesMade Advisor: Alicia Castillo Holley

AndesBeat is extremely excited and proud to announce Alicia Castillo Holley as our first advisor and mentor for our upcoming AndesMade immersion based initiative to help startup founders and tech entrepreneurs in their bootstrapping process in Chile. (You can follow our running list with  newly named mentors here!)

As we are working in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, we believed that it was very important to have a person (or a few) on our advisory network who were EXTREMELY well versed on the intricate web of organizations, people and programs in Chile.

So we dug deep. Like really deep.

And we found the incredible and lovely Ms. Alicia Castillo Holley founder of the Wealthing Group way down under, in Australia, 9 companies and 5 successful exits later.

She is indeed a national treasure (by way of Venezuela).

Alicia’s expertise is in working in entrepreneurship with high impact firms, market creation, business plan development and execution and she is obviously a veteran and consummate professional.

A quick look at Alicia’s resume


  • Published author. Check.
  • Totally versed on the Latin American economic development scene. Check.
  • Accomplished entrepreneur. Check.
  • Seasoned investor. Check.
  • Super cool chic who’s got a special love for Chile. Check.
  • Understands what it takes to work in entrepreneurship in Chile. Check. Check. Check.



But Wait There’s More….

If you were to track Alicia’s milestones, you would find that as early as the 1980’s she was doing some really cool stuff for Latin America and economic development.

From there if you were to fast forward to the year 1997, you would have found her in Santiago, Chile. Alicia was the person credited with the design and leadership role in the launch of Chile’s oldest entrepreneurship center at Universidad Adolfo Ibanez. She also launched the University Entrepreneur’s Club.

She was on the organizing team that brought Endeavor to Latin America and helped to select their first entrepreneurs.

In 1999 she trained Endeavor’s first MBA’s.

And in 2000 she founded Chile’s Capital Semilla Program (Chile’s first seed capital fund).

In 2005 she started Alicia Castillo Holley’s Wealthing Group and joined Babson Founder’s Club.


How insanely cool is that?


Today she is jet setting around the world making things happen all across the entrepreneurship spectrum while she finishes her PhD on the role of the scientist in the wealth created from research at Universities in life sciences. And she is working on a really fun ‘blow your socks off’ project in Silicon Valley that we will let her reveal a little later on a live session.

We are extremely thrilled to have Alicia Castillo Holley on our team and supporting Chile’s next generation of startup thought leaders and Venture Capital founders.

Who’s next to be announced on our International Advisory Team?

Perhaps it could be YOU!

If you are an executive level director, startup founder, developer or investor (anywhere in the world) who has an interest in connecting hands on with the Chilean and Latin American startup community in the very early stages, please consider joining our advisory team.

About AndesMade

Designed and built for impact, AndesMade was born with the objective to support all the Chilean startups rejected for funding programs and incubators.

Participants work in a structured (but experiential) environment while leveraging collective intelligence to reposition and rebuild their ideas according to market needs.

AndesMade is not a bootcamp, accelerator or incubator.