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Sharing Services & Collaborative Consumption Meetup

Editor’s Note: This guest post is courtesy of Anna Korolyuk – PhD student in physics,  who became enchanted by entrepreneurship and now is enjoying her work in Kassi, sharing service for local communities.

Date: Monday, 2nd April, 19:00
Place: Casa Lastarria (map)
RVSP here

Have you ever heard about Collaborative Consumption or the Sharing Economy? No?
Ok, have you ever borrowed a power drill from a friend or asked neighbor to water your flowers, when you were on a holiday?
Congratulations, that’s it!

Sharing is one the oldest way of social interactions. Clearly, it was invented before the money. And now it’s rising again. Thanks to the Internet, now we can find a couch at someone’s house on the other continent, borrow a car without even knowing the name of the owner or borrow money from someone, you could never meet in real life. Access to resources is becoming more important than the ownership, and online reputation makes it possible to trust strangers in a way that has not been possible before.

Some of the most known sharing services include peer-to-peer marketplaces (Tradepal), social lending (Zopa), peer-to-peer travel (CouchSurfing, Airbnb and Onefinestay), experiences (GuideHop), event ticket sharing ( and car sharing (Zipcar and RelayRides).

During the meet up, we will try to bring together sharing services, which now work in Chile, and people who are interested in the topic.

Sergio Guitart (Keynote Speaker)

Sergio Guitart is a Civil Industrial Engineer, graduated from Universidad de Chile at 2010. On 2008 he stumbled upon Complementary Currencies and started elaborating and participating on related projects. He is speaker and consultant on “Social Currencies” and “Social Agile Methodologies”, Social Entrepreneur supported by AVINA, now working at InnovArauco.

He will give a talk on “Learning on collaboration within communities of exchange“.

Santiago Startups

Santiago area startups related to sharing will give short presentations about what they are doing:

KASSI is a web-based service for sharing goods and services in local communities, like companies or universities. Members can list what they could offer for others and ask for help when needed.

AVENTONES is a service that enables and promotes the carpooling culture within organizations. We provide 1) A private online platform to find relevant matches in routes and schedules, and 2) A communication campaign to create the culture.

KORULABS is building a highly curated online marketplace where you can easily find others to learn from, teach, or trade skills with on a one-on-one basis. For example, you can find a qualified and affordable salsa dancing instructor and offer to pay them for their time or teach them a skill (e.g. programming) in exchange.

MAMAROOF is a trusted marketplace that provides an easy long term housing solution for foreign students and executives in Latin America.

JOGABO is a soccer platform connecting players, games and venues that makes it easy to find a playing opportunity in your city. Anyone can setup a game effortlessly and share it online with the rest of the soccer playing community.

CROWDPLACES is a user-friendly crowd-funding platform focused on affordable, sustainable, socially-minded urban development projects. By facilitating a direct link to funding, Crowdplaces empowers everyday people to create opportunities to be design thinkers, problem solvers and drivers of change in their own neighborhoods.

LOCALGUIDING is a p2p marketplace for unique personal tours offered by locals. We connect travellers with independent, local guides in destinations worldwide. The tours on LocalGuiding are linked to the guides’ personal profiles, ensuring you get to know the person behind the tour before you go.

CHEF SURFING is a web-based community marketplace that connects Chefs to local customers using the internet, social networks and mobile communications. The mission of Chef Surfing is to enable Chefs to sell their meals online.


Come to learn and discuss about the new sharing possibilities by Collaborative Consumption services!


Featured Image Credits: Collaborative Consumption