Health 2.0 has arrived to Chile

Editors’ Note: This guest post comes courtesy of Aljosha Novakovic, Co-Founder of Medko.
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Health 2.0 refers to the digital health movement, in which healthcare professionals are using web technologies to more effectively communicate, share information, collaborate, and spread health education.

In the broad sense, Health2.0 is the intertwining of technology and healthcare with the purpose of bettering the world around us. Leaving a “dent in the universe” (-Steve Jobs) is no small task, and before any digital health startups can have a global impact, there needs to be a movement (especially in a generally conservative industry), and Health 2.0 is doing it right. “Health 2.0” in this sense refers to the biggest digital health organization in the world, with chapters in Asia, Africa, Brazil, and throughout Europe and the States. We are proud to announce that Health 2.0’s newest chapter is coming to Chile. Continue reading

3 tips for how entrepreneurs can maximize their technology use

Editor’s Note: This guest post comes courtesy of Jaguar PC, a VPS hosting firm. Technology is everywhere you look in the world of business.  From the largest global corporations that have been on the landscape for decades to the businesses that will register and become reality today, technology has a key role to play in how these companies operate and succeed. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that, in contrast, those who do not embrace and use technology fully actually tend to struggle. Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. At the same time, technology has a key role to play in their success, too, arguably to an even greater degree than in the other types of business cited earlier. Whether an entrepreneur is the head of a small business or literally going it alone, technology is going to have an important part to play. Continue reading

Sharing Services & Collaborative Consumption Meetup

Editor’s Note: This guest post is courtesy of Anna Korolyuk – PhD student in physics,  who became enchanted by entrepreneurship and now is enjoying her work in Kassi, sharing service for local communities.

Date: Monday, 2nd April, 19:00
Place: Casa Lastarria (map)
RVSP here

Have you ever heard about Collaborative Consumption or the Sharing Economy? No?
Ok, have you ever borrowed a power drill from a friend or asked neighbor to water your flowers, when you were on a holiday?
Congratulations, that’s it!

Sharing is one the oldest way of social interactions. Clearly, it was invented before the money. And now it’s rising again. Thanks to the Internet, now we can find a couch at someone’s house on the other continent, borrow a car without even knowing the name of the owner or borrow money from someone, you could never meet in real life. Access to resources is becoming more important than the ownership, and online reputation makes it possible to trust strangers in a way that has not been possible before.

Some of the most known sharing services include peer-to-peer marketplaces (Tradepal), social lending (Zopa), peer-to-peer travel (CouchSurfing, Airbnb and Onefinestay), experiences (GuideHop), event ticket sharing ( and car sharing (Zipcar and RelayRides).

During the meet up, we will try to bring together sharing services, which now work in Chile, and people who are interested in the topic. Continue reading

How to get great press without breaking the bank: 3 of 3 articles in a PR series

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post on public relations for your startup (3rd of 3 posts) submitted by Colombian based Fursos (NOW LIVE!) Here are the first and second articles.

A startup should NOT hire a publicist.

To quote Mark Cuban Never hire a PR firm.  A public relations firm will call or email people in the publications you already read, on the shows you already watch and at the websites you already surf.

Continue reading

How to Build a Killer Launch Campaign: 2 of 3 articles in a PR series

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post on public relations for your startup (2nd of 3 posts) submitted by Colombian based Fursos (NOW LIVE!) Here is the first article.

Paulo Coelho, best selling author of The Alchemist, just launched his latest book, Aleph.

 “I am trying to tell my publishers world wide that I don’t need to give interviews in major media to sell books. This is a big shift for them, but they are coming to my point of view. I decided to give no major media interviews with Aleph’s launching, and the results were astonishing: the book made the bestseller lists all over the world, except UK.”

If a major author is actively declining major media interviews, why shouldn’t you? Continue reading

Nobody cares about your company: 1 of 3 articles in a PR Series

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post on public relations for your startup (1st of 3 posts) submitted by Colombian based Fursos (launching Feb 2012). 

The truth hurts.  That platform you’ve been working on, the company you’ve built, the hours of sweat you’ve put into it.

Nobody cares.

You ping hundreds of reporters and never get a response.  You blast out a press release about your launch and get no coverage.

Why? Continue reading

Nixter CEO: “We Made it to Silicon Valley”

Editor’s Note: This guest post is courtesy of Francisco Sáez, Nixter CEO. In the post he shares Nixter’s experience on their first trip to Silicon Valley. The Nixter app (launching Jan 27th) for iPhone allows you to enjoy a live ranking of the best parties in real-time.


It took us like forever to get here!! God damn it!

Just for the record… We had 3 flights cancelled by American Airlines, 15 hours waiting at the airport and my bag is lost! Can you imagine it?! The CEO’s bag is lost!!

All my business cards, business suits and clothing are now lost!!

I’m not going to be the stereotypical Chilean guy that only sees the worst side of the movie. Continue reading

Sub35: Digital Scouting Finalists are pitching tomorrow!!

Editor’s Note: This post is courtesy of Javier Salcedo, Director of Innovation at Fundación País Digital, a Santiago, Chile based nonprofit foundation that aims to research, disseminate, and promote development of various aspects of technological sciences, in its broadest conception, with the aim of consolidating a digital culture in Chile. 

Born in 2009 out of Fundación País Digital, Sub35, is Chile’s first program dedicated to digital scouting.

During Sub35’s recently completed third ‘tour’, they hosted 16 events throughout Chile from Arica (in the north) to Punta Arenas (in the south), and gathered young entrepreneurs and innovators to share their projects, learn real life experiences from serial entrepreneurs and take part in networking.

Now they will bring the top projects and entrepreneurs together to participate in the annual Sub35 Finals to be hosted in Santiago, Chile with the winners receiving a trip to Israel, one of the top hubs of Research and Development of the world. Continue reading

Chile-Massachusetts Alliance in Education, Energy and Biotechnology

Editor’s note: Alex Runkstein is Vice – President at Global E Comm South America and he wrote this article to give some insights about Massachusetts Governor’s visit to Chile.

Last Thursday, the Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, along with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed the memorandum of understanding that establishes the Alliance Chile-Massachusetts, in Education, Energy, and Biotechnology. Continue reading

HackSantiago: The experience

Editor’s noteKarla Lopez is a Start-Up Chile entrepreneur, JobConvo co-founder, a platform which provides online job interview solutions, currently on their public beta. You can follow her @vivoandando

We were looking for ways to bring together Startup Chile entrepreneurs and Chilean developers when the idea of HackSantiago came up. Hackatons are always a good opportunity to experiment with different technologies and start new projects and we thought that would be a great way to connect local developers to an international network.

The first step was finding a place that could provide the informal and collaborative environment we were planning to the event. Co-Work was a perfect fit. Teaming up with a local partner like Huevapi also helped find our way into sponsors and other partnerships.

HackSantiago was received with a warm welcome by the online tech media in Chile. It makes us think why there aren’t more hackatons around here. Santiago has lots of talent and they are hungry for real challenges and opportunities to get together and build great things.

The results?

Continue reading