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Meet AndesMade Advisor: Louis Lautman

AndesBeat is proud to announce Louis Lautman as our next confirmed mentor. He will be working with our international advisory team for our forthcoming AndesMade immersion based initiative to support Chilean startup founders and tech entrepreneurs rapid prototype and quickly get ideas into the marketplace with their bootstrapping mode on.

(You can follow our running list with newly named mentors here!)

As one of the fastest ways to emerge from bootstrapping mode is to be able to sell, sell, sell, we decided to bring on an accomplished and fearless cold-caller (since his teenage years) who got his real taste of cold-calling by knocking doors on the streets of New York City in his early 20’s where he made over 10,000 cold calls in person and on the telephone!

After personally connecting with him back in 2009 before he released his film and seeing the path and tremendous growth he has made personally and professionally over the past few years, Carlos and I are extremely ecstatic to have his support, enthusiasm, expertise and magic sales touch here in Latin America!

Louis Lautman is also a Transformational Artist, Lifestyle Designer and Executive Producer of the Y.E.S. Movie (Young Entrepreneur Society). He accelerated at the craft of selling early in his career knocking on at least 50 doors a day in New York City and to date he has given over 1,500 presentations, workshops and seminars.

His young entrepreneur cult film, the Y.E.S. Movie (Young Entrepreneur Society), goes behind the scenes with 35 successful entrepreneurs (millionaires) and shares some of their favorite wealth building secrets and experiences.


Louis has been an entrepreneur and fascinated by human nature his entire life.  At age 5 he began selling snacks to his classmates.  At the age of 16 Louis began listening to personal development audio programs and intensely reading about success.  At the age of 18 already a successful salesperson, Louis began attending Success Seminars and coaching with top achievers.  At age 21 Louis was thrown into the Lions Den (New York City) and after 2 years of cold calling business owners and knocking on 50 doors a day, Louis became the youngest sales manager for a publicly traded telecommunications company and opened his own sales office at the age of 23 in Tampa, Florida.

AndesBeat co-founder Shonika Proctor with the delicious twins, jeje (shoe and fashion designers) Shane and Shawn Ward at Y.E.S. Movie Premier, U.S.S. Intrepid, New York City

After a year of hiring, training and coaching over 30 salespeople (all older than him) for this publicly traded telecommunications company, Louis realized his real passion in life was helping people be successful in life…not just selling telecom services.  That is when Louis began working for Motivational Guru Tony Robbins where he learned to hone his coaching craft for maximum results for his clients and later for Sales Guru Tom Hopkins.  After about a year of aggressive training and coaching, Louis knew it was time to fly on his own and start his own results based coaching business.

Today Lautman travels globally helping entrepreneurs free up their time, do more of what they love and accelerate revenues by sharing his inspirational and transformational message of empowerment through conscious entrepreneurship.

Who’s next to be announced on our International Advisory Team?

Perhaps it could be YOU!

If you are an executive level director, startup founder, developer or investor (anywhere in the world) who has an interest in connecting hands on with the Chilean and Latin American startup community in the very early stages, please consider joining our advisory team.

About AndesMade

Designed and built for impact, AndesMade was born with the objective to support all the Latin American startups (piloting in Chile) rejected for funding programs and incubators.

Participants work in a structured (but experiential) environment while leveraging collective intelligence to reposition and rebuild their ideas according to market needs.

AndesMade is not a bootcamp, accelerator or incubator.