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Deal or no deal?! Know when the price is right!

Imagine this:
You are sitting in the most comfy armchair in your living room, the sun is shining but still you are slowly but surely getting upset.

Just because you are trying to find the place where to get a certain product, let’s say a cell phone, for the least amount of money.

Easier said than done – we all know that!!

And of course we don’t want to end up paying much more money than you would have had to.

With regard to product search, LatAm is still a little bit behind Europe and the US, so this is the perfect time to start using the brandnew product search and comparison engine, which was publicly launched 2 weeks ago. was founded by Jorge De Ossó and Josefina Concha and believe it or not, it is 100% bootstrapped.

Jorge admits that this was hard and they have been working on it for over a year now, but simultaneously running a small mobile software development shop it is possible to pay for all the expenses – and it is worth it!

Your life will become so much easier when it comes to online purchases!

How is this done?

When searching for a certain product, enables you to take a look at the historic product pricing information in order to get a clearer idea of how much money this product might actually be worth.

“Today is impossible to find out whether the current price of a product is right, and by right I mean the best possible price. Product pricing is getting more and more automated, so consumers need access to greater information to decide better.

Plus, better information always means better buying decisions”,

– says Jorge.


Example of price chart provides statistics and great charts to give you an overview of that has been happening with the price of the exact product you are looking for. Simply hover your mouse over a certain part of the chart and it will show you the date and the price of the product at that certain date.

Simply type in one word or more into the search bar and let show you the results according to name, price, stores or most recent changes in price.

If you then decide to buy an item, because you just found out this was the best moment to make it happen, you will directly be forwarded to the webpage which currently offers the cheapest price. So convenient!

The current price of each product is updated at least once a day, but depending on the popularity of a product or how often it is looked at by costumers, it can also be a lot more often.

So is always up to date!

Present and future

So far covers and tracks about 100.000 different products from 50 merchants in 5 different countries (Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Pero and Mexico). But future plans include covering the entire LatAm market and also Brazil.