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Brazil’s Spotwish Go! ready to show DevCup why they are the people’s choice!

DevCup’ is an annual competition hosted by Evernote, a U.S. founded company, which allows users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms.

Recently their 2nd annual competition was launched, aimed at discovering developers and inspiring new apps based on Evernote software and supporting new features within the Evernote platform.

One of the winners in this competition was Spotwish Go! from Brazil. Unlike the other 5 winners, this team was actually voted for by the public, meaning the public already loves Spotwish Go!

And they hope, so will you!

What is Spotwish?

Spotwish started as a simple web application in 2011, being a geolocated platform with a ton of really cool and fun features.

It helps you to explore your surrounding, to get to know other people who are nearby and explore what they are up to in order to maybe join them in what they have planned.

Or vice versa: set up activities you are interested in yourself so that other people can join you.

These are real life opportunities for you to make your life as enjoyable as possible!


The next steps

The team of Spotwish Go! is more than excited about being among the winners of the DevCup contest.

The next step will be the grand finale: competing again against the other 5 winners at the Evernote Trunk Conference in Silicon Valley on August 24th.

But by now, Spotwish has developed from an online platform into a version for Android.The team is working hard in full time, even on holidays, planning on making the app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store during the Evernote Trunk Conference.

This new application will consist of a cloud of users who meet up according to their interests or current position. Share something you would like to do at a certain moment and the app helps you to find people to join you.

On August 24th there will be a quick vote via text messages. The Spotwish team believes that this is a great opportunity for an area that is still in the process of growing (e.g. with the development of applications), but also a great opportunity for them.

Become a beta tester

Be one of their very first beta testers of their applications for Android and iPhone. You will always be able to receive real-time notifications when something interesting is going on around you.

Sign up online!