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Edoome, an educational social network, is nailing it!

Based in Chile, the startup Edoome aims at connecting teachers with their students to let them communicate, collaborate and share their educational content on an online platform.

Edoome is achieving success at a neck breaking speed after having won TNW’s Startup World competition (Santiago) and Techolab’s Applicate competition. They also celebrated a huge milestone by surpassing 12,000 fans on their Facebook page.

Very soon a huge pilot program with more than 24.000 chilean students will be launched! That is really exciting!

Edoome takes top awards in 2 competitions!

Techolab is an open and social innovation ‘virtual’ platform and incubator co-created by the Center for Innovation at Un Techo Para Chile.  Techolab is intended to use technology, as well as social innovation to engage and motivate young people to participate in the development of innovative solutions to the problems affecting the most vulnerable of the Chilean society by hosting regular competitions (usually once per quarter).

Their most recent competition, “Aplicate”, was sponsored in collaboration with mobile telecommunications provider, Movistar. At the end of this competition, only 3 out of  600+ projects that initially entered into the competition were named winners.

Edoome along with, which gives users access to many commercial spots in order to share them and comment on them and Bottom App, an application for grouping people and finding solutions to the problems they have in common, were the grand prize winners. Each team won CLP 5 million (approximately $10,000 USD) in order to support them in their revolutionizing ideas.

That way, in collaboration with Movistar Innova, Edoome was able to go to thousands of schools throughout Chile and with TECHO it will soon also be the Rest of LatAm.

A Socially Inspired Startup

Edoome was co-founded by Chileans, Leonardo de la Fuente and Francisco Rubio. Their aim in creating this platform is to reduce the gap between public and private education by giving them a tool like this.

With the support of Startup Chile and Centro de Innovación – Un Techo para Chile they were able to launch a platform on their website to facilitate the management of the classroom and to improve the communication and collaboration between professors, students and even the students’ parents.


  • Open up discussion topics or questions, share links and get connected to the people you work with.
  • A very handy feature is the option of uploading files to the platform. That can be worksheets or any other file you want to share, as a professor or as a student.
  • Parents are able to take a look at their child’s grades and achievements, because the grades can be uploaded to Edoome within seconds. Easy and fast!
  • A calendar gives you the opportunity of organizing your curricular or extracurricular activities. Besides, teachers can set due dates for assignments, exams or anything relevant for the classroom.


International recognition!!

In addition to their 12.000 followers and fans on Facebook, to date they have 3000 registered users from more than 20 different countries. And that is not all!

Edoome won Startup World contest launched by TNW (The Next Web) which took place in Santiago de Chile on August 20th in order to promote entrepreneurship and startup culture globally.

More than 250 initially applied from South America, but only ten of them were chosen as regional finalists in Chile. The founders of those finalist startups then presented their startup ideas in a 3 minute pitch (and yes, the time was clooosely watched!). A jury was then allowed the ask questions and finally chose only ONE winner.

And that was Edoome! Congratulations!

They are overly excited about their win, more than pleased with the result and even more excited about traveling to Silicon Valley in order to pitch to investors in the grand final. Continued success and luck!

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