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BOMBAcamp in search of ‘Entrepreneurs with Soul’

Editors Note:  The following information comes courtesy of the team at BOMBAcamp. AndesBeat is not affiliated with BOMBAcamp and this post does not serve as an endorsement.

Alfredo Osorio and Ash Maurya (international thought leaders behind BOMBAcamp), are proud to announce that  the applications are now open for the November 2012 version of its Program BOMBA_5 WEEKS.

BOMBAcamp was founded to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into innovative and successful startups.

Alfredo Osorio (Founder & CEO of BOMBAcamp & Co-Founder of and Ash Maurya (Author of Running Lean, Lean Startup expert and worldwide mentor of entrepreneurs) are closely involved with the day-to-day operations and co-lead the mentor program for startup founders and program participants.


The only requirement that we ask is to have the soul of an entrepreneur. You can keep your day job (for now), and come on the afternoon and in the weekends. You can apply for the program with or without a team and/or idea.

-Alfredo Osorio, Lead Mentor of BOMBA_5 WEEKS

What is BOMBAcamp?

BOMBAcamp is a ‘Campus for Entrepreneurs’ focused on helping entrepreneurs to succeed with launching and growing their startups.  BOMBAcamp mixes three key elements for its success: (1) perfect use and application of Lean Startup and Design Thinking methodologies, (2) high quality mentors who are passionate, close and 24/7 with entrepreneurs and (3) a physical space specifically designed to boost creativity and speed.

Currently 20 startups are participating in the BOMBAcamp programs.

Startup founders and tech entrepreneurs working at BOMBAcamp

How does BOMBAcamp work?

BOMBA_5 WEEKS Program is an intensive boot camp that allows entrepreneurs build their business model by starting from an idea with the purpose to transform it into a product or service that really solves the problem of a specific customer segment. They intensively use the Lean Canvas to build the business model, customer development, Lean Startup and Design Thinking.

Besides Alfredo Osorio and Ash Maurya, the BOMBAcamp mentor network includes Mijael Feldman, Max Sichel, Billy Aldea-Martínez, Jordan Elpern-Waxman, Rafael Balbi, Sebastián Rojas, Arne van Oosterom and Francesco Marconi among others.

About Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya is well known for his work as an excellent Startups Mentor, has been an entrepreneur for many years and is recognized as one of the three most important Lean Startup experts in the world. He lives in Austin, Texas and is constantly travelling through the world (Austin, Boston, New York, Silicon Valley, London, Amsterdam, Toronto, etc.) teaching and mentoring.

About Alfredo Osorio

Alfredo Osorio has been an entrepreneur for more than 22 years, angel investor and mentor to many Startups. He was Co-Founder of International and angel investor of among many other Startups. Today he is the Founder of BOMBAcamp, campus for entrepreneurs that helps startups increase their possibilities of success and change the way in how people try to transform their ideas into a product or service. He is a specialist in Lean Startup and Customer Development.

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