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International team of young entrepreneurs discovers the end of the world

E-Ship, the first ship of innovation, starts its expedition to the Chilean Patagonia on March 25th. It gives 80 Chilean and international students the chance to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship and make new friends all over the world.

The delegation of academics of the Catholic University of Chile, the University of Development and Stanford is going to sail from Punta Arenas, analyzing 8 big challenges in 5 days of an exciting voyage aboard ship in the most southern part of Chile (and the world)!

The official launch event will take place tomorrow, March 21th, at 18:30 hrs in the installations of Gabriela Mistral in Santiago center. All supporters and friends are invited to take part, learn more about E-Ship and meet the crew that is going to sail from Punta Arenas on March 25th at 18:00 hrs.

The objectives of E-Ship

On their voyage, the team of 80 students will have tons of fun, struggle, triumph and laugh together with students from all over the world and share methodologies of innovation and global entrepreneurship, realized by experts of the Catholic University of Chile, the University of Development and Stanford. This way they aim to build a strong ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation that is open to all the students, professionals, companies and the public sector, which build the E-Ship network. It is not only a journey through Patagonia, it’s a floating university.

The diversity of participants allows for different disciplines, contexts, cultures and ages in an overall immersion. Creating values, as much for the county as for the region and even the world, the expedition promotes Chile as relevant spot for global innovation.

The Provost of UC, Ignacio Sánchez, pointed out that:

Initiatives such as E-Ship prove that “research is the base of innovation. One of the central ideas of the ship is the understanding that innovation is given in every area of knowledge. It is the same as the research and creation which can be applied in technology, but also in arts and humanities.”

The eight big challenges

  1. How to consolidate Magallanes as the main gateway to Antarctica
  2. How to develop a sustainable future for tourism and Puerto Williams
  3. How significant is the leap in the quality of K-12 education? (kindergarten, preschool and school)
  4. How to leverage and deepen the relationship between Chile and California?
  5. How to promote a culture of savings awareness
  6. How to more deeply promote a culture of pro innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile
  7. How to meet the challenges of conservation and sustainability of natural resources in Patagonia
  8. How to integrate and preserve the identity of native minorities in the development of Chile

This 8th challenge was created by Gerardo Velasco, winner of the competition “the 8th challenge for E-Ship” who won an all expense paid admission for the trip.

AndesBeat wishes all the participating students a great trip, amazing new experiences and a lot of fun!