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Give O2: an entertaining app to track down your carbon footprint

One more car in the streets doesn’t make a difference, right?

We all know about climate change and CO2 emissions, but do you really know how you personally impact the environment?

GiveO2 is a mobile application that lets you offset your transport-related carbon footprint automatically and makes you become aware of that. The app shows that in spite of what many people say, every single person can make a difference, every effort helps, as small as it might be.

How does it work?

With GiveO2 you can check the trips that you have made and learn about your personal carbon footprint. The app uses GPS and a 3G connection to track down your daily movements, which means you always have to have the app opened and the mobile internet switched on.

Evaluating your footprints, it shows you statistics, you can buy carbon credits, offset your emissions and exchange the points you have received for discounts in a variety of stores.

GiveO2 users are also supporting projects that contribute to the protection of our environment, currently planting native trees in the Chilean Patagonia, and additional projects will follow soon.

The team of GiveO2 has taken part in various competitions and most recently represented Chile in the Bayer’s Young Environmental Envoy in Germany. They managed to convince not only Chileans, but also people all over the world of their idea to encourage people to take care of their environment and become actively involved in reducing CO2 emissions.

Do you want to check out your carbon footprint?

Try it now!

(They recently launched the iPhone version, an Android version is coming soon)