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UC Berkeley hosts IV Latin American Business Conference

Held annually at Haas School of Business since 2010, the Latin American Business Conference is a full-day event focused on Latin America, featuring highly-respected business and political leaders who share their experiences and insights. The Latin American and Hispanic Business Association (LAHBA) organizes this conference every year developing a platform to enhance discussions about opportunities in the region. (at left: Gonzalo Miranda, Austral Capital Partners, Chile)

This year the Conference will have a clear focus on investments and entrepreneurship.

Likely familiar to most of you in the startup world, Chile’s own Gonzalo Miranda will be speaking on the panel about Private Equity and Venture Capital inLatin America.

Currently, Gonzalo holds board positions at ACAFI (Chilean Fund Managers’ Association), Scopix Solutions, Paperless, Multicaja, Producto Protegido, Indef and Chile Patrimonial (non-profit). He is also member of the Society of Kauffman Fellows ( and Adjunt Professor of Entrepreneurship at Universidad Católica de Chile.

Marcelo Vasquez from Chile will also be keynoting the event.  He is a co-founder and Principal of the Canvas Group and a former executive at Fundación Chile.

Carlos Orellana, a former LAHBA leadership team member, is coming back to Haas as a keynote speaker after being named Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 in México, by CNN Expansion magazine, for his remarkable work in SalaUno.

Although Silicon Valley is usually the reference point for the entrepreneurial world, its structure and practices aren’t completely applicable for Latin America. Attendees will learn the main differences and similarities between these two regions adapting and adopting best practices to the region.

The IV Latin American Business Conference of the Haas School of Business will provide an exceptional platform to discuss, learn and share. Keynote speakers and panels will present successful business cases going from a macro to a micro view of entrepreneurship defining strategic approaches and identifying future investing opportunities in several Latin American economies.

The Conference will take place tomorrow, April 5th at the Haas School of Business, Berkeley.

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