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AndesBeat launches Chile market entry handbook series for companies

AndesBeat new Chile market entry handbook series was created based on the many inquiries we have received the past 18 months through our contact page, from startup founders and fortune companies alike.

Insights related to specific business protocols; business intelligence related to a certain industry vertical; infrastructure (technology and financial); or identifying a starting point for exploring business opportunities in the region, especially for the English language market are among the most common requests.

Between sharing answers one-by-one and the extensive ‘knowledge base’ and content library we have been building about Chile’s startup and technology ecosystem since before Day 1 of starting our company, we knew there had to be a more effective and efficient way to get the information out there for the public.

While we work to provide useful and original content and in depth background on very early stage startups, the reality is is not the best format for companies to reference or find specific information.

Incubators, economic development agencies and more

Our first handbook issue, Incubators, Accelerators and Entrepreneurship Gladiators, features an extensive listing of incubators & accelerators, startup contests and Chile’s most prominent and active entrepreneurial communities. The book highlights entrepreneurial organizations across the country and across industry verticals.

It is a great starting place for tech companies and startups (local and foreign) looking to quickly survey what’s already out there and get connected in the region.

These themed handbooks will be released as part of a series (approximately 40-50 pages each). We’re planning to publish one evergreen, resource rich handbook each month. Trust and believe if  anyone as crazy as us started trying to aggregate this amount of information solo (or even with a friend) starting today, not only would you need to do the research in Spanish, you would finish getting it all collected at about half past forever.

Awesome by design!

Many thanks once again to the cats at the multi award-winning design company (AndesBeat logo designer) for doing our killer layout.

As we countdown the days to the official launch, you will also learn more about the very special group of startup founders in Chile who also helped to make this happen.

Anyway, seeing is believing…..

Check the sample below (we are waiting for the company website links to be activated on the final version).

Write to us hello (at) andesbeat (dot) com if you want to share feedback; get the skinny; or be included in a future edition.

View sample here