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Chile’s E-nterview heads to Russia’s largest startup conference, Startup Village

Children’s goods, wine and IT are all among the markets on track for double digit growth in Russia. But Chile startup E-nterview sees something else, a growing economy means more jobs and thus job seekers. And in terms of the latter, they are hoping their newly launching human resources solution will simplify the recruitment and selection process for large companies across the globe. They are scheduled to officially launch their platform in T-10 days.

In the meantime and in between time they’ll be able to see how the Russian market responds to them firsthand when startup founder Cristóbal Asenjo heads to Moscow next week for Russia’s StartUp Village  (May 26-28). Russia Startup Village is the largest conference in Russia with more than 2,000 startups expected to be in attendance and 350+ investors.

As Russia has an internet market larger than the size of any country in Europe, one can only expect not only for them to have some over the top concepts coming out of their tech and startup community but also a completely different perspective on what the future of startups looks like. Check out the 91 startup teams from 26 countries that are in their startup pitch lineup. It certainly comes as no surprise to me.

SIDE BAR:  As startups are born from industry and I  worked with that region during its tech entrepreneur infancy, my prediction is that by 2020 Eastern Europe is going to have ‘startup land’ on lockdown. You heard it hear first folks. – Shoni

Russia will be a crazy cool place for E-nterview to check out the explosive industry growth; see potential challenges with their platform; and use it as a benchmark. They’ll also obviously be exposed to a very different startup culture while gaining valuable market insight and connections along the way. ¡!Success Cristóbal!!

The e-nterview story

Around this time in 2012 the current co-founders of e-interview were colleagues working in one of the top ranked companies in Chile. They saw an opportunity to streamline the recruitment and selection process of personnel. Knowing that personal interviews are one of the major costs in the recruitment and selection life cycle, E-nterview was born.

The founding members of E-nterview include: Cristóbal Asenjo, Carlos Hoffmann, Cristóbal Muñoz and Eduarfo Frohlich

What exactly is E-nterview?

E-nterview is a human resources solution that integrates the current process of recruitment and selection of large companies, and seeks to reduce the information gap between the review of the resume and the first in-person interview.


How does it work?

Using a secret squirrel tactic involving video recording and web streaming, they allow recruiters to create personalized interviews. The objective is to facilitate the pre-selection of candidates who have the skills that the job requires before they conduct the interview in person.

‘Crowdsourced’ Hiring

The E-nterview platform allows recruiters to:

  • Create the questions
  • Define the response time of each question
  • Create evaluation criteria
  • Share applications with the rest of the team and
  • Pre-select the candidates using the scores and comments of everyone involved


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