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Luqit offers big advertising choices for small businesses

Luqit is a newly launched site that offers advertising space for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s). Advertising is currently available through the top media companies in Chile, including newspapers, TV hows, radio, outdoor ads and digital.

The main goal of Luqit is to increase opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of small and medium size companies that have never had access to the traditional advertising market space.

Luqit co-founder, Tomás Almarza stated that they have an aggressive goal to reach more than 130,000 Chilean SME to advertise in traditional media.

Luqit clients currently have two primary ways to receive discounts on advertising spaces:

The first option is through last minute spaces. When time is short and advertising spaces go unfilled media owners can submit them in the portal allowing SME’s to receive the best discounts through prime advertising portals.

The second option is through purchasing bundles that mix different media vehicles – radio, newspapers, magazine, tv, etc). The Luqit teams create these bundles and sell them below list price, in order for small and medium companies to advertise competitively with the ‘big guys’!


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