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For whom the bells toll…Startup Stock Exchange is live!


WILLEMSTAD – The Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) has launched today at exactly 08:00 am EST. With the push of the enter-button Ian Haet, co-founder and CEO of SSX; and René Römer, CEO of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX), symbolically performed the opening. With this action, SSX’s website and investment systems (www.Startup.SX) went online. (image:  Ian Haet (left) & René Römer (right) shaking hands, congratulating each other. In the photo Dick Erdmann, one of the members of SSX Governing Board. )

SSX is a regulated, global marketplace for startup investing and funding. Investors worldwide can buy shares of vetted startup companies in all sectors and in different stages of growth.

Worldwide many entrepreneurs are building excellent businesses but don’t have access to the funding they need. At the same time, investors of all sizes don’t have access to vetted companies and diverse early stage opportunities. SSX changes all that. SSX is the marketplace that brings investors and companies together to achieve both their goals.  – Ian Haet, Startup Stock Exchange co-founder

As a regulated marketplace, all SSX systems comply with the rules and regulations of the DCSX which provides the legal framework for listing and trading via SSX.  The DCSX is located on Curaçao and is an international exchange for the listing and trading of securities, similar to the NYSE or London Exchange. Curaçao is a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and abides to Dutch and European laws.

“The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange in Curaçao offers a regulated and secure environment for investment,” says Mr. Römer. “Today’s opening of SSX is of great importance for investors and early stage companies around the world and we are excited to work with SSX to provide global investors the opportunity to own shares of innovative listed companies.”


Investors of any level may use SSX, there are no minimum income or investment requirements. As of today investors worldwide can open an account, verify their identity and start investing.  “Once verification is complete, investors can fund their client account and pledge to buy shares of our initial public offerings (IPO’s),” says Haet. “We are commencing with two IPO’s: a daily private sales company and a Software as a Service (Sas) company, focused on small business compliance.”

Companies & Startups 

For companies seeking capital, SSX accepts applicants from all business sectors. A six step vetting process guides applicants to listing. The first steps are to register and to submit an executive summary of the company’s business proposal.


Shoni Says!

Only 3% of all applicants submitted are accepted. Let’s work to get a higher percentage rate approved from Chile and also the most female startups applicants!  In order to be the innovation hub of Latin America, you must show the world why.

Startups and other companies who apply to Start-Up Exchange are vetted, meaning you need to go through a screening process to be approved. Do not let that discourage you from submitting an application. However, remember this, your application submitted from Chile ultimately paints a profile of the depth of the talent coming out of the region.

If you are working with a local accelerator, co-working space or are an alumni from a university that has an entrepreneurship program, I want you to go to the Director of that organization and notify them of your intent to apply. Have them and a few other leaders within Chile’s startup community review your Executive Summary and application to ensure all the questions are answered properly.  Suerte y éxito chicos!

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