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What (or who) makes Chile go?

As Chile celebrates the ‘Year of Innovation’ AndesBeat is excited to announce What Make Chile Go/Lo que mueve a Chile powered by uShip, Austin, Texas (USA). Let us know your favorite contributors to the innovation culture of Chile. They’ll be featured for our readership.

Since we launched AndesBeat in November 2011, we have always been fascinated with introducing the world to Chile’s undiscovered talent and projects in the world of technology. Attracting an international fan base with a strong readership in Silicon Valley, they are often curious about the innovation coming out of Chile and the culture of early stage startups.

Beyond the technologies and products we use and read about, reality is innovation can be found everywhere, in everything and everyone. For all our international readers, did you know that 2013 is the Year of Innovation in Chile???

Although we have seen a lot of activity happening in Spanish at Imagina Chile, we have seen few stories promoted in the English language market. But we feel that the world needs to learn about all the cool things and people in Chile and see why you’re set to become the innovation hub of Latin America. After talking to our friends at uShip they fully agreed.

Know a Chilean Inventor or Pioneer?

Over the next months we’ll be sharing stories (in English and Spanish) about some of your favorite Chilean inventors, inventions, pioneers, companies and projects that you believe have contributed to the innovation culture of Chile. I want to know the coolest person that you know, but that the world probably does not know! Looking forward to your story ideas.

What Makes Chile Go?

You tell me…! (: