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OMG! launches first ever organic quinoa based protein

Organic Meets Good (OMG!) was founded by Roni Gloger, a native Chilean who is passionate about travel, healthy living and superfoods. He relocated from Chile to Los Angeles, California, USA to launch OMG! in the $143 billion health food market. U.S. Organic food industry is expected to grow over 12% by 2014 (Source:

The company has been working on launching its new 100% organic and vegan protein powder with quinoa and hemp as its main ingredients. Made with all natural products, the combination of these core ingredients makes it easy to digest. It is the ideal complement to a vegan or vegetarian diet or people with intolerance to other sources of protein. It boasts natural sweeteners and is non-GMO, vegan, 100% organic, gluten free and allergen free.

Currently based in Culver City, California, USA, the OMG product line has negotiated distribution deals in retail health food stores and online at among others.


To scale their company, OMG! recently launched their crowd funding campaign through the website to meet their current demand and offset the costs for packaging, production, and distribution of their next major product batch.

Being a socially conscious individual with a desire to support his native South America, Gloger also states that he currently sources most of his ingredients from the region. By successfully raising the funds he intends to continue growing awareness and sales in South America’s growing health food industry.

Support OMG’s continued U.S. growth!

To donate to this campaign, visit

Donations can be accepted from both Chile and the U.S. among other countries. Donors to the campaign will be able to choose rewards based on the amount they give.