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Health 2.0 has arrived to Chile

Editors’ Note: This guest post comes courtesy of Aljosha Novakovic, Co-Founder of Medko.
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Health 2.0 refers to the digital health movement, in which healthcare professionals are using web technologies to more effectively communicate, share information, collaborate, and spread health education.

In the broad sense, Health2.0 is the intertwining of technology and healthcare with the purpose of bettering the world around us. Leaving a “dent in the universe” (-Steve Jobs) is no small task, and before any digital health startups can have a global impact, there needs to be a movement (especially in a generally conservative industry), and Health 2.0 is doing it right. “Health 2.0” in this sense refers to the biggest digital health organization in the world, with chapters in Asia, Africa, Brazil, and throughout Europe and the States. We are proud to announce that Health 2.0’s newest chapter is coming to Chile.

Web technology has the potential to bring transparency, lower healthcare spending, build healthier communities, and more. Medical equipment is more advanced and drugs are more effective, but that’s not all. Take Scanadu or MedSensation as examples, two startups that are using technology to better diagnose and inform the patient of their health; is it possible to replicate human touch through the mechanics of a robot?

But is the time right and can Health 2.0 become big in Chile and the rest of South America? We think so, and we are determined to make it happen. The new Health2.0 Chile heads are composed of Ajay Pal Singh, Nick Kwan and myself.

Nick and I, being the co-founders of Medko, are obvious proponents of spreading Health2.0, as Medko is a web tool for patients to find the right doctor based on qualifications and past recommendations from other patients and doctors.

However, sparking the movement in not just on us, the community is ready.

Digital health startups raised $1.4B in venture funding in 2012, up 46% from 2011, and internet usage in Argentina has increased by 57% y/y (compared to 3% growth in USA) so there is certainly potential in Latin America.

If you are interested in getting involved and being part of the Health 2.0 movement in Chile then join our meetup group! We will have periodical meetups with notable speakers.