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Thanks everyone! Mindscore app “draws the curtain”

The following is a post from MindScore’s blog that has been translated from Spanish to English. The original post, shared on February 17 2014, can be read here. See our previous posts covering MindScore on AndesBeat here.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most sorrowful moments for our team, as we have decided to “draw the curtain” on our first project together.

Several decisions have led to the above, which are detailed in this and this post. It is probably not the best moment for this tool/platform; perhaps the business model is not validated or as a team we are not mature enough. Whatever the case, we feel assured that we made the decision conscientiously and earnestly.

More specifically, within a month (March 17), we will be sending a final update of MindScore to the AppStore, eliminating any capability to connect to the cloud and store information in it. We will also take down the web application and stop the servers that house it. We encourage all of you that have content in either of these two apps, to back up before this period. In addition, all of the PRO accounts will discontinue charging credit cards.

As a team and as people, incredible things happened for us and therefore I cannot help but infinitely thank everyone that helped us (and continue to help us), in the search and formation of this dream. In addition to thanking you, I can assure you that we were always giving 200% and totally focused on pulling this off. Especially, we thank Wayra and CORFO, because without them, a large percentage of the above would not have been possible.

Not all is lost; Mindscore as a company and team is still running, and for some time now we have been creating and developing more applications with much love and dedication. Some of these have already been seen and tested. Others, we hope to show more formally very soon. Stay tuned!

Our doors are completely open to share the great experience of this journey, and of course, to also share what we are experiencing now.

If you need additional help, you can communicate with me at  [email protected].

Thank you!

Felipe Peña

CEO & Co-Founder