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Seek and offer last minute event tickets in Santiago, for free!

We all know how disappointing it is: You buy a ticket for an event you are totally crazy about, and THE day is almost there, but then all of a sudden something changes and you end up not being able to go. Now you’re stuck with the ticket you purchased and cannot get your money back.

That’s a real bummer!

But I have good news for you: Fanatickus is a new platform with which everything around seeking and offering tickets becomes so much easier. And the best thing is, you won’t believe it: It is totally free!!!

Fanatickus was founded by a group of young Chilean entrepreneurs who wanted to create a space for people to sell and buy tickets to all kinds of events (e.g. family, sports or musical events) last minute. Ricardo Martínez, one of the creators, realized the necessity of connecting all those many event fanatics, because it happens way too often that we don’t know what to do with the tickets we end up not using or how we can purchase tickets a few minutes before an event starts.

So here’s the deal!

Fanatickus is not just like Deremate or Mercadolibre. The whole thing is not only for free, so free of any charges or percentages taken off of the money you make when successfully selling a ticket, but also entirely anonymous. This gives you the most freedom in looking through events you are interested in, which is very convenient, right guys?

How it works

You log in to Fanatickus using your Facebook account. Afterwards a list of future events will be displayed of which you can choose an event which interests you in order to then publish an offer.

From that moment on interested people can contact you to discuss the conditions and further details. So you see, this is a perfect way of connecting people so that everyone can get the best out of it.

Future plans

Further plans include an app for smartphones, as this type of using the internet becomes more and more popular, also for Fanatickus. Besides, so far this platform is only available in Santiago, but the team is planning and working on expanding further to other regions and finally to entire LatAm.