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Looking for a certain product? Vitryn will help you to find it.

Imagine you are desperately in need of a new mixer or special appliance for your fancy new kitchen in the apartment you just moved into.

Where would you go to look for one that is exactly how you want it to be? Wouldn’t it be handy to always know exactly where to look right away?

That is the problem Vitryn aims to solve with their newly launched product advisor feature, available exclusively through the Vitryn online ‘window shopping’ platform. The product advisor provides curation and filters that function based on your own interests and preferences, containing products in different areas to make this dream come true!

We all know what today’s standards are moving towards: One day everything will be done using the internet, maybe even cooking, who knows …

But for now, it is certain that especially products and services are mostly purchased online on a computer, a tablet or smartphone. And to date, no online shopping platform here in South America could really meet consumers’ needs.

That’s until Vitryn came into the Chilean startup scene in early 2011, selected as a part of the second round of Start Up Chile.

About the platform

Vitryn’s online platform, created by Alejandro Matamala, Sebastian Rodriguez (both co-founders of the Design Studio named Material) and programmer Stefan Paulsen, has a large focus on fashion, home, gadgets, art, design and media.

In these areas Vitryn includes products of all kinds of companies and brands, which is why you will not have to look through hundreds of different catalogues of different brands to find what you are looking for. Guess how much time you could save? Yes – lots!

But wait, there’s more!

You cannot only save time, but also make your searches dynamic. Being connected to Vitryn with your Facebook account, you can find out what preferences your friends have set in their account; have access to reviews, recommendations and offers which will help you make your purchase as easy and convenient as possible!

In real-time, you’ll know all about prices, ideas or recommendations. And in just a few seconds you can create a wishlist of your favorite products which can be purchased with only one click. Store your preferences or share what you are doing on social networks.

Without a doubt, shopping has never been so effortless and fast!

This is a revolution of communication between trade and user, because Vitryn connects the market with potential consumers’ tastes and interests. And the interface is incredibly user friendly!

So why don’t you get started right now?