‘Sell what you like, to who you like’

Let’s say that because of your work or lifestyle, you can’t live in the same place for long periods of time. What do you do with all the stuff you bought to make your apartment look pretty??

Are you going to constantly carry all the furniture from place to place?

What if you could access a platform where you could easily sell all the temporary furniture you had for short periods of time. And better yet, what if you could use it as an easy way to sell or give away stuff on Facebook? That was what Jordan Sitkin (from Decurate) thought of two months ago at HackSantiago and (originally named Fribble) was born. is a place where you can sell the things you like, to the people you like. Continue reading

It’s Midnight Madness in Chile: Propiedad Facil is Now Live!

Guess what the startup fairy in Chile just brought us???

News that the winner of the 2011 InnovaBBVA, Propiedad Facil (Easy Property), is NOW LIVE!

Big congrats you guys!

Launched in Chile but created by co-founders Guillermo Horno and Adrian Fisher out of Argentina, Propiedad Facil was created to help simplify the process for paying or receiving rent. Utilizing their online management tool, property owners can collect payments and easily manage their properties online. It also gives tenants the ability to use a convenient access card to pay their rent along with the rest of their bills. They can make payments at a host of retail stores, check cashing places at ATM machines among others (currently only available in select cities).

In Chile, Propiedad Facil has secured relationships so that tenants can pay their bills securely and conveniently through WebPay Card, Ripley, Banco de Chile, BCI, BancoEstado, Santander, TBanc and more.

Propiedad Facil CoFounders Guillermo Horno (l) and Adrian Fischer (r)

Propiedad Facil Simplifies Life for Landlords and Tenants

Digital nomads Guillermo Horno (Argentina) and Adrian Fisher (Argentina by way of USA), often wondered why you could pay every bill for your residence at many convenience stores, check cashing places and retail stores but you couldn’t pay the rent/mortgage for your residence itself. In Argentina where they lived until recently, they said it was a real hassle. And from that hassle their start up was born.

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