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Propiedad Facil Simplifies Life for Landlords and Tenants

Digital nomads Guillermo Horno (Argentina) and Adrian Fisher (Argentina by way of USA), often wondered why you could pay every bill for your residence at many convenience stores, check cashing places and retail stores but you couldn’t pay the rent/mortgage for your residence itself. In Argentina where they lived until recently, they said it was a real hassle. And from that hassle their start up was born.

Let the countdown begin, Propiedad Facil (Easy Property) is set to launch soon but we were so excited that we could not wait to share the good news! I know, I know their landing page says that if you sign up you will be the first to know, and it is true. The site has not launched yet. So you will still be the first to know when it is live!

Propiedad Facil is the Chilean version of PagaTuAlquiler, also created by co-founders Guillermo and Adrian. Originally launched out of Argentina, PagaTuAlquiler, was created to help property owners collect payments and easily manage their properties online. It also gives tenants the ability to use a convenient access card to pay their rent along with the rest of their bills. They can make payments at a host of retail stores, check cashing places at ATM machines among others (currently only available in Mendoza, Argentina).

Propiedad Facil was one of the sponsors of the recent HackSantiago event and co-founders Guillermo and Adrian are regulars in the Chilean developers and start up communities. They are currently in Santiago, Chile as part of the Start Up Chile program. They have been working together for several years to help clients from all over the world to solve their problems using new ideas and technologies through the Internet through their Mendoza, Argentina based consulting and development company Malbec Media SA.

Gran éxito with your launch!