World Startup Report: 16 Countries and Counting

Editors note: This guest post comes courtesy of Bowei Gai, founder of World Startup Report.
Bowei sold CardMunch to LinkedIn in 2011.
After releasing The China Startup Report and generating more than 125K views, he started a 9-month long trip in January 2013 to research the world’s startup ecosystems (across 29 countries and 36 cities).

He visited Chile between March 7th – 10th and I supported his work by setting up an agenda to connect the chilean community (founders and investors) with him.

If you’re planning a trip to explore Chile’s market and networks, make sure to:
1) download our new ‘Making it happen in Chile‘ market entry handbook series 
2) check in with AndesBeat.

A million thanks to the World Startup Report team, sponsors, and volunteers around the world for making this trip a reality. It’s been an amazing 6 months. Here’s a recap of what I’ve learned on the road. Continue reading

Chile to serve as a host country for Bowei Gai’s World Startup Report

Chile is honored to be 1 of 29 host countries on Bowei Gai’s travels around the globe for his World Startup Report tour. A self-funded effort, he along with the support of fabulous people like you, will be working to create 29 startup ecosystem reports for each nation he visits. 

Accomplished young entrepreneur and founder of the World Startup Report Bowei Gai is set to land in Chile on March 6, 2013. Although he may have some idea, I don’t think he truly knows what he is in for as he prepares to travel to the end of the world, Chile, South America, during the Year of Innovation!!!

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