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Chile to serve as a host country for Bowei Gai’s World Startup Report

Chile is honored to be 1 of 29 host countries on Bowei Gai’s travels around the globe for his World Startup Report tour. A self-funded effort, he along with the support of fabulous people like you, will be working to create 29 startup ecosystem reports for each nation he visits. 

Accomplished young entrepreneur and founder of the World Startup Report Bowei Gai is set to land in Chile on March 6, 2013. Although he may have some idea, I don’t think he truly knows what he is in for as he prepares to travel to the end of the world, Chile, South America, during the Year of Innovation!!!

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Bowei Gai is the founder of CardMunch, a mobile business card reader that he sold to LinkedIn just 2 years after he launched it.  He believes that no country’s startup ecosystem is harder to tackle than another, no matter how mature or unformed the entrepreneurial landscape is there. To that point, he is traveling the world for nearly 300 days this year to create a World Startup Report.


What’s ‘The World Startup Report’ Project?

The World Startup Report project  (and tour) was born like most genius ideas….accidentally! Bowei Gai created a China startup report in 2011 and shared it among his colleagues. That infographic slideshow went viral and eventually proved to be the seed of the idea for his current global expedition.

“I felt a need for these kinds of reports,” he says, to provide both insights and overviews of startup ecosystems around the world – things that could be used by new startups and general tech enthusiasts alike.

-Bowei Gai, WorldStartup Report Founder

Started in India on the first day of this year, Bowei’s adventure runs through to the final stop in Singapore in September. Along the way, The World Startup Report tour will travel to 36 cities in 29 countries over the course of this year.  Bowei will rely on the kindness and assistance of fellow entrepreneurs as he takes part in events at each stop so as to drum up enthusiasm for the crowdsourced data that will ultimately shape his reports.  

What’s the tour agenda?

At each city there’ll be a series of talks and panel discussions hosted by local startup luminaries and fans. Before he leaves, Bowei and his team will launch a Google Document online where those with local startup knowledge can participate in contributing to all the needed details and data to build the Startup Report.

Aside from the reports, the project will also yield a community wiki which can be updated by nominated country “ambassadors”, with a wiki for each country.

Who does Bowei want to meet?

Anybody and everybody who is connected to startups in some way needs to be involved, included but not limited to:

  • Newly launching startups
  • Established startups
  • Angels & VC’s
  • Policymakers and advocates
  • Startup researchers and media outlets
  • Accelerators and incubators
  • Key influencers related to tech and startups
  • Startup communities & networks
  • Startup founders who have been selected for international startup projects
  • Organizations in Chile somehow connected to supporting the greater startup and tech ecosystem – some orgs that come to mind include: CORFO, Founders Institute, BombaCamp, Webprendedor, Global Connections (Alumni), Video Games Association of Chile, ProChile, Fundación Chile, Fundación Imagen de Chile, EmprendoVerde, Stgo MakerSpace, ASECH and Socialab

What does Bowei want to talk about?

Check out his China Report for an example, but in general he would like to hear from Chile about:

  • Key facts related to Chile’s digital economy and startup community
  • Startup experiences, best practices and trends
  • Startup policies, resources and tools
  • Cool things about Chile’s startup culture
  • What’s next for Chile in startup land

Get involved!

In Santiago, Bowei is being hosted and supported by Start-Up Chile and AndesBeat.

1.  Attend the public event on March 8th (it’s free)

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2. Schedule a private meeting with Bowei (between March 7th-10th) or get involved with the World Startup Report tour, please fill out the brief form below.

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