Just 5 days remain to apply for Chile’s Digital Venture Capital Forum

Applications for Chile’s Digital Venture Capital Forum will be closing in just 5 days.  The application process ends on May 19, 2013 and is open to all investor ready companies seeking Series A funding for their projects, inside and outside of Chile. US $50 million is available from a host of investors.

(Logo at left belongs to startup ‘PaOnde’, which is Chilean slang for “where to”. Use the PaOnde app to find the best places to go out and give live feedback (through a Waze-like interface) on the current environment of where you are). Big success and luck at the competition guys!

Chile’s Digital Venture Capital Forum is being presented as a part of Chile Digital which is the largest conference dedicated to technology, e-commerce, internet, and digital marketing in Latin America.

“Chile Digital is a global event to connect visionary investors with high
growth companies.”

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U.S. $50 million Series A funding available at Chile’s Venture Capital Forum

Chile Digital Venture Capital Forum is still accepting applications from companies that are READY to raise their first or second round of Series A funding.

Companies who submit an application to the Venture Capital Forum prior to the April 19, 2013 deadline will also receive, 4 complimentary admission passes to the Latin American Chile Digital Expo with access to over 30 lectures in e-commerce, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Continue reading