AndesBeat ‘remote’ picks for Start-Up Chile Demo Day

Yesterday Pinterest acquired Livestar (a company that launched at TC Disrupt SF 2012, where AndesBeat organized the first ever Chilean Pavilion at the conference); Google released Keep (as a way to get into Evernote space, seems so), expanded its Google+ Platform Team, improved it’s Sports-Related Search Results and made links disappear from Google’s search results. Plus yesterday also was the International Color and Happiness Day! What a day, huh?

But you know what? At the end of the day, that news wasn’t relevant at all in Chile’s start up world, because everyone’s attention was on Start-Up Chile Demo Day VIP and what could happen inside of Av. Providencia #229, Santiago, where 21 companies had the chance to flirt with investors for a few minutes to bring some funds and hit their next milestones.

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Tomorrow the Chilean government sponsored program, Start-Up Chile, will host Chile’s first ever demo day featuring 32 Start-Up Chile teams that represent 16 countries. Gran éxito y suerte a todos!

The competing teams have fought and clawed their way through 6 months of startup combat intensive training and madness in exchange for 3 minutes on the big stage to pitch their dream in front of top investors and startup thought leaders from around the world including Jonathan Nelson, of Hackers & FoundersArne van Oosterom, of Design Thinking and Bedy Yang, Venture Partner at 500 Startups.

Here is the lowdown on the event extracted from the Start-Up Chile website:

Start-Up Chile invites you [including the general public and supporters of entrepreneurship] to the first large-scale event held in Latin America where investors from around the world will meet entrepreneurs from Start-Up Chile [as interpreted and edited by Shoni] and its projects in order to generate new partnerships and creating and fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in our country!!!

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