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Tomorrow the Chilean government sponsored program, Start-Up Chile, will host Chile’s first ever demo day featuring 32 Start-Up Chile teams that represent 16 countries. Gran éxito y suerte a todos!

The competing teams have fought and clawed their way through 6 months of startup combat intensive training and madness in exchange for 3 minutes on the big stage to pitch their dream in front of top investors and startup thought leaders from around the world including Jonathan Nelson, of Hackers & FoundersArne van Oosterom, of Design Thinking and Bedy Yang, Venture Partner at 500 Startups.

Here is the lowdown on the event extracted from the Start-Up Chile website:

Start-Up Chile invites you [including the general public and supporters of entrepreneurship] to the first large-scale event held in Latin America where investors from around the world will meet entrepreneurs from Start-Up Chile [as interpreted and edited by Shoni] and its projects in order to generate new partnerships and creating and fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in our country!!!

Even though the teams pitching will be 32 teams all representing the Start-Up Chile program, here is the reality chicos – the stage is yours! If you are present at the event, you have the opportunity to approach and speak to whoever you want.

'Escapes With You' from Ecuador will be one of the teams presenting at Demo Day. In photo from left to right: Miguel Torres, Luis Bajaña, Gabriela Mejía, Andres Granda, Luis Loaiza, (photo courtesy: Miguel Torres)

 We’re Here to Support You!

And even if you don’t get to meet and personally connect with everyone there or don’t feel ‘ready’, no worries, as this is only the beginning!!! (Note: I will be there at the event with co-founder boy and if you want to practice networking, approaching certain people or tweaking your pitch, come and see us).


The Showdown Starts in June

In June 2012, per AndesBeat inside knowledge, Chile is going to see huge Pichilemu size waves of events, activities, competitions and investors launching initiatives and partnerships in Chile to help further stimulate and foster the entrepreneurship, innovation and startup ecosystem. Their primary partners here are varied and in some cases not your ‘usual suspects’. So it is very important that you are aware of this.


  • How will you connect with this world?
  • What impression and message will you leave in 1 minute?
  • How will you differentiate yourself from the others?
  • How will you get them to chase you, instead of you chasing them?
  • What respected 3rd party entity will help open the door for you and stand behind you?


Let Us Hear Your Riff!

Foreign investors are coming to Chile to learn about the talent coming from all the regions and all the organizations.

As several startup competitions will kick off in Latin America in June, what is important to note is that while an investor could pay top dollar to see one ultra cool rockstar perform, if given the opportunity to pay the same amount of money to see a weekend long festival full of legendary and upcoming rockstars,  which do you think s/he would choose???

See AndesBeat as the talent scout working to identify, develop and showcase the many talented upcoming startup rockstars in Chile and ultimately Latin America.

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