Syrenaica, a chilean gaming company, rocks Kickstarter!

The Chilean gaming company Syrenaica is being funded via Kickstarter and is hoping to follow the success of other Chilean companies like Puzzle Me!, which was one of the first Chilean companies to be funded that way.

Kickstarter is a funding platform primarily for creative and technology based projects. Each project creator has to decide on a certain amount of money they want to fund until a certain deadline.

If the goal is not met, nothing will be funded. So it is an “all or nothing” funding program – very challenging!

Syrenaica creates groundbreaking Games, sometimes as a natural result of a proactive culture that encourages fun. Lots of fun! They believe they ARE that kind of culture, so they are dedicated to develop games that bring the only real value that matters.

… And that is natural entertainment, brought to you by their new game called “Evilot”!

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New pipeline technology seeks to bring water to remote areas in Chile/LatAm

Innovative ideas come to exist in all places of the world basically every day, but this one caught my attention:

TOHL is a project conducted by Benjamin Cohen and his group of Tech grads from Atlanta, Georgia that deals with the installation of a disruptive pipeline technology.

It aims at revolutionizing disaster relief efforts as well as water delivery infrastructure to the most remote areas, especially in Chile and all of LatAm.

So far our imagine of pipeline has not been very positive. It has actually been quite the contrast, because we think of pipelines as very expensive, difficult to install and destructive to the environment. Not positive at all!

It is important to note that they don’t always carry oil, but they can carry essentials like water, power and information to “the end of the world”! After the earthquakes in Haiti, the team decided that we really need this solution now. Here is TOHL’s pipeline technology:

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Crowdfunding with inspired by

The last half of the century has seen most industries we buy our goods and services from become concentrated in the hands of fewer, larger, often global companies. With this shift, employment has migrated to these companies. At the same time, individual people, regardless of age, socioeconomic status or gender are creating their own ventures to become self-sufficient and fill the voids left by these large businesses. The situation we are currently experiencing is both a global phenomenon and opportunity for any person that enters the marketplace. Continue reading