With two confirmed investments, Magma Partners launches the most transparent investment firm in Chile

Created by multinational serial entrepreneurs, Magma Partners is a new fund based in Santiago that invests in high-potential startups and small businesses

May 8th, 2014– Santiago, Chile– Today at 7:00pm, an event will be held to mark the launch of a new Chilean-US investment fund, Magma Partners. Formed by three partners– two Chileans and one from the United States– the fund is positioned as the most promising and most transparent in Chile’s national investment landscape. Magma Partners will use the best practices of the US’s most successful funds to help solve pain-points for local entrepreneurs such as exceedingly high equity rates, lack of investment transparency, and ambiguous communication.

Transparency is paramount for Magma Partners– those who direct the fund have previously raised LatAm-based capital for their companies and have seen first-hand how the the local process can drag on for months. For that reason, they clearly articulate each step of their investment process and show each specific financial document on their website. Additionally, they promise to respond within 48 hours of receiving an application, and to schedule a meeting with each applicant who complies with the fund’s minimum investment requirements.

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It’s Midnight Madness in Chile: Propiedad Facil is Now Live!

Guess what the startup fairy in Chile just brought us???

News that the winner of the 2011 InnovaBBVA, Propiedad Facil (Easy Property), is NOW LIVE!

Big congrats you guys!

Launched in Chile but created by co-founders Guillermo Horno and Adrian Fisher out of Argentina, Propiedad Facil was created to help simplify the process for paying or receiving rent. Utilizing their online management tool, property owners can collect payments and easily manage their properties online. It also gives tenants the ability to use a convenient access card to pay their rent along with the rest of their bills. They can make payments at a host of retail stores, check cashing places at ATM machines among others (currently only available in select cities).

In Chile, Propiedad Facil has secured relationships so that tenants can pay their bills securely and conveniently through WebPay Card, Ripley, Banco de Chile, BCI, BancoEstado, Santander, TBanc and more.

Propiedad Facil CoFounders Guillermo Horno (l) and Adrian Fischer (r)

Propiedad Facil Simplifies Life for Landlords and Tenants

Digital nomads Guillermo Horno (Argentina) and Adrian Fisher (Argentina by way of USA), often wondered why you could pay every bill for your residence at many convenience stores, check cashing places and retail stores but you couldn’t pay the rent/mortgage for your residence itself. In Argentina where they lived until recently, they said it was a real hassle. And from that hassle their start up was born.

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HackSantiago: The experience

Editor’s noteKarla Lopez is a Start-Up Chile entrepreneur, JobConvo co-founder, a platform which provides online job interview solutions, currently on their public beta. You can follow her @vivoandando

We were looking for ways to bring together Startup Chile entrepreneurs and Chilean developers when the idea of HackSantiago came up. Hackatons are always a good opportunity to experiment with different technologies and start new projects and we thought that would be a great way to connect local developers to an international network.

The first step was finding a place that could provide the informal and collaborative environment we were planning to the event. Co-Work was a perfect fit. Teaming up with a local partner like Huevapi also helped find our way into sponsors and other partnerships.

HackSantiago was received with a warm welcome by the online tech media in Chile. It makes us think why there aren’t more hackatons around here. Santiago has lots of talent and they are hungry for real challenges and opportunities to get together and build great things.

The results?

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HackSantiago: And the winners are…

Last Sunday (Nov 27th), HackSantiago teams made their presentations. There were a total of 8 die hard projects that participated in all 48 hours of the Hackathon. Just one project was started Saturday’s night and it didn’t have something ready to show by Sunday.

The topics of developed projects were related with real state, gaming, mobile payments and home automation, amongst others.

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