Chile’s Startup Week in Review….

Gran Chile startup founders and tech entrepreneurs! I am so proud of you. Indeed you have come along way since January 12, 2012. (Note: The week’s highlights and new contest launches follow intro).

I see you are taking your place in the world not as merely startup founders and tech entrepreneurs from Chile, but as rising global startup thought leaders launching out of Latin America; and the next generation of Angels/VC founders and philanthropists in the making.

Over recent weeks, you have been crushing all the misconceptions and beliefs that are often heard among entrepreneurial and startup circles in Latin America.

Startups and tech entrepreneurs – here’s how you are blowing IT up and making big things happen in (and for) Chile:

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Sub35: Digital Scouting Finalists are pitching tomorrow!!

Editor’s Note: This post is courtesy of Javier Salcedo, Director of Innovation at Fundación País Digital, a Santiago, Chile based nonprofit foundation that aims to research, disseminate, and promote development of various aspects of technological sciences, in its broadest conception, with the aim of consolidating a digital culture in Chile. 

Born in 2009 out of Fundación País Digital, Sub35, is Chile’s first program dedicated to digital scouting.

During Sub35’s recently completed third ‘tour’, they hosted 16 events throughout Chile from Arica (in the north) to Punta Arenas (in the south), and gathered young entrepreneurs and innovators to share their projects, learn real life experiences from serial entrepreneurs and take part in networking.

Now they will bring the top projects and entrepreneurs together to participate in the annual Sub35 Finals to be hosted in Santiago, Chile with the winners receiving a trip to Israel, one of the top hubs of Research and Development of the world. Continue reading