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QB9 Brings International Attention to Latin American Game Developers

Growing up, many Latin Americans had to constantly adapt to economic and political uncertainty and a business bureaucracy that people in Silicon Valley couldn’t even dream of confronting. This has forced entrepreneurs here to think outside-the-box from an early age, and develop a fiercely independent streak, which is crucial for tech innovation,” says Vinod Sreeharsha, a Sao Paulo-based U.S. journalist who has written extensively about the Latin American tech industry.

This week CNN did a nice write up on Argentinian video game company, QB9, and along with it brought it much deserved attention to the slowly emerging Latin America video game development industry.

The article brings light to Argentina’s game industry noting that the country is currently home to 65 companies, collectively employing 3,000 employees and generating $55 million USD in revenues.

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