Smartbox TV aims to improve viewers experience on digital TV’s

The brainchild of Rafael Lopez, Juan Pablo Buscaglione and Humberto Lobos, Smartbox TV was created to develop interactive applications for digital television, which are integrated into three screens: TV, PC and Smart Phone. The concept is to exploit the bidirectionality that allows the new technology, developing interactions that involve the viewer and create value for operators, TV channels, brands and users. Continue reading

MonkeyContact: Find everyone you know. Everywhere.

Chile based start up MonkeyContact is a search engine that lets you find all your contacts, that all your networks and applications are using.  Co- founder Tim Delhaes recently presented the MonkeyContact solution to a panel of investors at the Plug and Play Winter Expo 2011. Continue reading

Tina Seelig: ‘Chile is like Silicon Valley fifty years ago’

Cristóbal García, Director of EmprendeUC (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) is calling to the world for support. He wants major leaders in science, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, public policy, designed to make Chile think and act big and commit to the greatest challenges as a university, country, region and a planet. He shares his vision in the newly released documentary: Do Future Atacama 2011.

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Only 3 days left to apply for ACTI’s MBA Contest: Deadline 24 November

Just 3 more days left to get your submissions in for Association of Chilean Information Technology Companies (ACTI) MBA Contest.

The contest has been extended until 24 November. Entrepreneurs and startup founders will have the opportunity to internationalize their business in Silicon Valley as part of a collaboration with Silicon Valley based Plug and Play.
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Nixter’s nightclub mobile app startup gets VIP access again!

Nixter, the Chilean startup looking to improve your nightlife experience, and also the recent crowd favorite at Incuba’s Geek Fantasy Camp (Oct 25-29) proves that 3 times a charm! The rapidly growing startup has hit three major milestones in less than 30 days, winning a cash award plus a trip to Silicon Valley inclusive of mentorship from top startup founders and investors.

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QB9 Brings International Attention to Latin American Game Developers

Growing up, many Latin Americans had to constantly adapt to economic and political uncertainty and a business bureaucracy that people in Silicon Valley couldn’t even dream of confronting. This has forced entrepreneurs here to think outside-the-box from an early age, and develop a fiercely independent streak, which is crucial for tech innovation,” says Vinod Sreeharsha, a Sao Paulo-based U.S. journalist who has written extensively about the Latin American tech industry.

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Four Geek Fantasy Camp Winners Prepare for Silicon Valley

Geek Fantasy Camp makes its inaugural debut in the world. The event brought together entrepreneurs from several counties in Latin America along with Silicon Valley investors. At the end of the day 4 teams (that launched their startup at the event over the course of 3 days) walked away with free mentorship and an all expense paid trip to Silicon Valley in June 2012.

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