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Four Geek Fantasy Camp Winners Prepare for Silicon Valley

Geek Fantasy Camp makes its inaugural debut in the world. The event brought together entrepreneurs from several counties in Latin America along with Silicon Valley investors. At the end of the day 4 teams (that launched their startup at the event over the course of 3 days) walked away with free mentorship and an all expense paid trip to Silicon Valley in June 2012.

On October 25, 2011, Geek Fantasy Camp, an intense 3 day bootcamp for startups co-produced between Chilean based IncubaUC (the incubator at Pontifica Catolica Universidad) and Austin, TX based 3 Day Startups, kicked off with a room filled with startup founders, designers, developers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and creatives. They had no clear understanding of what they would be doing in the upcoming days other than somehow they would be working together to build a startup (to be determined at the event) over the course of 3 days and 2 nights. After random members from the audience pitched their startup ideas and the voting was completed by attending participants, a group of ‘ideas’ were selected to advance to the 3 day uber rapid prototyping process.

At the end of the day, 4 winning teams were selected and will travel to Silicon Valley in June 2012 to pitch their ideas to Silicon Valley investors. These teams have just entered the IncubaUC incubator and will spend the next 6 months in true rapid prototyping mode and preparing for their trip and presentation. The 4 winners include:

Globeet – Globeet is a next generation advertising platform for small and niche businesses that allows them to build their relationship with ‘passionate people’ who come together and discuss and vote on their favorite things.

Nixter – Nixter is a mobile VIP card for nightclubs that also provides users with targeted discounts to a variety of restaurants, retail shops etc. Nightclub owners also have the ability to manage their clientele backend, based on geographic areas and other targeted preferences.

Impresionantes – Impresionantes is a network of printer kiosks that are strategically placed in a city that will allow individuals to send their copy jobs to a local printer. The first target market will be in universities where some students wait more than 30+ minutes to photocopy documents.

GiveO2 – GiveO2 is an app that makes it easier for individuals to purchase offsets to track their carbon footprint. Using a nifty GPS feature, the tool tracks your footprint based on the averspeed you are moving (walking, riding a bicycle or bus etc) and tracks it on the app (from which your app credit is adjusted accordingly).

The next Geek Fantasy Camp will be hosted in March 2012. Join our feed to stay informed about this and other upcoming entrepreneurship related events and workshops taking place in Santiago (and Chile) this summer.