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Global Connection’s & MBA Contest bootcamp

Today, I attended to Global Connection’s bootcamp. Global Connection which is a program that was developed by the Chilean government in partnership with Plug&Play Global Tech Center to allow Chilean entrepreneurs to receive Silicon Valley Incubation Support.

I learned about this event at HackSantiago (thanks Josefa Villarroel) and I was willing to see many Chilean entrepreneurs on the event. However, my surprise was huge when I noticed that there were around 15 people ready to see the presentation of Fernando Gouveia (International Relations Manager – Emerging Markets at Plug and Play Tech Center) ..maybe it was the hour(4pm)? Press fail? Event-planning fail?

Anyway, since I saw that the audience was such an small group of people, I decided to film the presentation with my mobile camera (not the best one .. I wasn’t expecting to play the “camera boy” role)..


The presentation started with something like…

Since 2009, we have had 150 startups from outside of the USA to come to Plug & Play..

Some topics of the presentation were

– Advantages of Silicon Valley

The reason why Silicon Valley works, is because of the ecosystem that surrounds it.

First of all, you have “half a million people working in high-tech“, you have “big companies like HP” and then on the center of SV you have like “3 to 4 kilometers of headquarters of companies“. You also have different universities than encourage this ecosystem, such as Stanford, Berkeley, etc

– Investments by Plug&Play: Dropbox, Paypal

– Chilean startups supported by Plug&Play

– Corporate Relationships