New BOMBAstars accelerator launches with USD $25,000 investment for startups

The Chilean underground startup ecosystem is finally starting to rise to the surface (meaning little known startups launched by Chileans).

Proving that startups can be successful outside of the popular government sponsored Start-Up Chile program, the team at BOMBAcamp has recently announced they have been successful in raising 100% of their first fund for their new BOMBAstars accelerator.  Geared toward startups in Latin America, the program will award USD $25,000  to up to 20 selected startups a year.

We’re super excited about it at AndesBeat because it’s one of the few models we have seen that is more aligned with accelerators and equity stakes with the states. Less than 3 years ago it was not uncommon to hear of local investors who took up to 40% equity in startups and offered no mentorship, training or access to networks in exchange.

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WeHackIt! founder Diego Araos being interviewed by Hermione Way [Video]

It’s February 18th, 2012, 10 am or is it 10 pm??? Regardless of the time, Hermione Way (TheNextWeb reporter & video director) senses a fresh spirit at The Hatchery building (San Francisco, CA).

She decides to start the dialogue (applying her British accent strategy) and after a couple of words, she detects a different frequency of entrepreneurs.


Without knowing it, she’s the first reporter experiencing the AndesBeat.

After a couple of minutes of engaging with Chile’s Geek Fantasy Camp startups she finds someone who gets her nerdy love & attention for startups (the same we share at AndesBeat). The name of the guy is none other than Diego AraosWeHackIt! Founder with an unrelentless passion to bring hackathon’s experience into a web reality (Araos latest hacks were Joystick.js &

What was the synergy of the moment?

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Meet Diego Araos, the winner of sponsored Hackathon, Santiago, Chile (Dec 2011)

A little over a month ago co-founders Reuben Katz and Christian Sanz visited Chile and sponsored a Hackathon organized by Lenguajes Dinámicos (Dynamic Languages) and Huevapi meetup groups.

As an open source community contributor and fervient enthusiast in bleeding edge tech, in my inaugural post I decided to cover the story behind the team that won, and also, give them props for developing in Node.js.

There were  a lot of developers in the hackathon, however, only three teams decided to accept the challenge and try to build something with Node.js in three hours.

Hackathon’s winning team designed a joystick app in Node.js.  The team members included Diego AraosIgnacio Baixas and Jaime Bunzli. Diego was the random winner of an iPad 2 giveaway. I interviewed him to get more insights about their project in the Hackathon. Continue reading

TODAY ONLY: NXTP Labs (Argentinian based Accelerator Program) founders are looking for entrepreneurs in Chile! You better move fast!!

If you believe in seizing the moment, today is the day you need to act on that feeling!

The co-founders of NXTP Labs, an Argentinian based Accelerator Program, arrived to Chile yesterday to begin their second round of prospecting and hunting for startups and projects to incubate in the NXTP labs program.

Yes, you read that right, Ariel Arrieta and Gonzalo Costa (NXTP Co-Founders) are here in Santiago TODAY ONLY with the ambitious goal of interviewing entrepreneurs with projects related to social networks, technology, mobile, internet, software and media & entertainment.

If this profile describes your project or startup, complete your details in the application form and visit Casa Lastarria, located in Lastarria #70, Santiago. Continue reading

Sub35: Digital Scouting Finalists are pitching tomorrow!!

Editor’s Note: This post is courtesy of Javier Salcedo, Director of Innovation at Fundación País Digital, a Santiago, Chile based nonprofit foundation that aims to research, disseminate, and promote development of various aspects of technological sciences, in its broadest conception, with the aim of consolidating a digital culture in Chile. 

Born in 2009 out of Fundación País Digital, Sub35, is Chile’s first program dedicated to digital scouting.

During Sub35’s recently completed third ‘tour’, they hosted 16 events throughout Chile from Arica (in the north) to Punta Arenas (in the south), and gathered young entrepreneurs and innovators to share their projects, learn real life experiences from serial entrepreneurs and take part in networking.

Now they will bring the top projects and entrepreneurs together to participate in the annual Sub35 Finals to be hosted in Santiago, Chile with the winners receiving a trip to Israel, one of the top hubs of Research and Development of the world. Continue reading

IncubaUC’s Chile Inventa Announces its 2011 Award Winners

IncubaUC, the business incubator at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile awarded the winners of ChileInventa 2011 which was organized in conjunction with Innova DuocUC Center. ChileInventa is a contest that seeks to promote the transfer market process or results/outcomes of research and development projects through prototyping, for proper marketing and/or technology transfer.

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ACTI and CORFO Announce 2011 MBA Contest Winners

Organized by the Technology Node of Association of Chilean IT companies (ACTI) and funded by CORFO Innova Chile, the MBA Contest aims to support and encourage the development of dynamic enterprises, especially one that comes from top executives that have the degree or are currently pursuing a MBA program (Master of Business Administration) in a Chilean university. 

Awards were given in 3 tracks: Mobile, Technology, Open Innovation, Technology and Global Connection.

On Monday, December 12, 2011 was the moment of truth for all the MBA Contest participants. Continue reading

TIC Americas 2012: Registrations close Dec 15th

The Talent and Innovation Challenges of the Americas (TIC Americas) of the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) provides a platform of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to create and grow their business ideas. The competition goes beyond the development of a business plan to include support, follow-up, with opportunities for international visibility, networking, and market access.

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Global Connection’s & MBA Contest bootcamp

Today, I attended to Global Connection’s bootcamp. Global Connection which is a program that was developed by the Chilean government in partnership with Plug&Play Global Tech Center to allow Chilean entrepreneurs to receive Silicon Valley Incubation Support.

I learned about this event at HackSantiago (thanks Josefa Villarroel) and I was willing to see many Chilean entrepreneurs on the event. However, my surprise was huge when I noticed that there were around 15 people ready to see the presentation of Fernando Gouveia (International Relations Manager – Emerging Markets at Plug and Play Tech Center) ..maybe it was the hour(4pm)? Press fail? Event-planning fail?

Anyway, since I saw that the audience was such an small group of people, I decided to film the presentation with my mobile camera (not the best one .. I wasn’t expecting to play the “camera boy” role)..

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