CORFO Global Connection launch is May 2, 2012!

Chilean startups and technologically related entrepreneurs: We just wanted to remind you that less than 24 hours remain until the kick off to celebrate the launch and expansion of CORFO’s newly expanded Global Connection Program for 2012.

In the program they will talk about the opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to get out of Chile for a few months and incubate their company in another part of the world including – Silicon Valley, London, Madrid, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Austin, Dublin, Berlin or Montreal.

Additionally, The Global Connection program provides financing for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a variety of fields ranging from IT and Communications to Biotechnology.

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Chile….the world is waiting for you….Please show up!!!

A few months ago, the Director of Plug and Play Tech Center (Silicon Valley, USA) traveled more than 6,000 kilometers to come to Chile and talk about their program and show their continued support for Chileno entrepreneurs and startups.

To our surprise and embarrassment only about 10 startup founders showed up to the presentation.

When we reached out to the community to see what happened, they said they didn’t know about it or they found out too late or blah, blah, blah.

Sooooo, here we are again.

On Wednesday, April 24, May 2, 2012, from 12:00 to 13:00 in the centrally located CORFO offices (Moneda #921, Universidad de Chile Metro) – will be the kick off to celebrate the launch and expansion of CORFO’s newly expanded Global Connection Program for 2012.

Update: May 3, 2012: Big love and uber thanks at AndesBeat community, Start-Up Chile community and everybody in between! The event was a great success attracting nearly 60 startup founders and tech entrepreneurs!!!! Sincerely appreciate it. Love you guys too much!!!

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Nixter CEO: “We Made it to Silicon Valley”

Editor’s Note: This guest post is courtesy of Francisco Sáez, Nixter CEO. In the post he shares Nixter’s experience on their first trip to Silicon Valley. The Nixter app (launching Jan 27th) for iPhone allows you to enjoy a live ranking of the best parties in real-time.


It took us like forever to get here!! God damn it!

Just for the record… We had 3 flights cancelled by American Airlines, 15 hours waiting at the airport and my bag is lost! Can you imagine it?! The CEO’s bag is lost!!

All my business cards, business suits and clothing are now lost!!

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Smartbox TV aims to improve viewers experience on digital TV’s

The brainchild of Rafael Lopez, Juan Pablo Buscaglione and Humberto Lobos, Smartbox TV was created to develop interactive applications for digital television, which are integrated into three screens: TV, PC and Smart Phone. The concept is to exploit the bidirectionality that allows the new technology, developing interactions that involve the viewer and create value for operators, TV channels, brands and users. Continue reading

Chilean teams are pitching at Plug and Play Winter EXPO 2011

The “day” has finally arrived. Gled, Smart Box TV and Monkey Contact will be pitching at Plug and Play (Silicon Valley) to raise seed funding in Silicon Valley.

Best of luck to Gonzalo Vallejos, Rafael López and Tim Delhaes!

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Global Connection’s & MBA Contest bootcamp

Today, I attended to Global Connection’s bootcamp. Global Connection which is a program that was developed by the Chilean government in partnership with Plug&Play Global Tech Center to allow Chilean entrepreneurs to receive Silicon Valley Incubation Support.

I learned about this event at HackSantiago (thanks Josefa Villarroel) and I was willing to see many Chilean entrepreneurs on the event. However, my surprise was huge when I noticed that there were around 15 people ready to see the presentation of Fernando Gouveia (International Relations Manager – Emerging Markets at Plug and Play Tech Center) ..maybe it was the hour(4pm)? Press fail? Event-planning fail?

Anyway, since I saw that the audience was such an small group of people, I decided to film the presentation with my mobile camera (not the best one .. I wasn’t expecting to play the “camera boy” role)..

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Only 3 days left to apply for ACTI’s MBA Contest: Deadline 24 November

Just 3 more days left to get your submissions in for Association of Chilean Information Technology Companies (ACTI) MBA Contest.

The contest has been extended until 24 November. Entrepreneurs and startup founders will have the opportunity to internationalize their business in Silicon Valley as part of a collaboration with Silicon Valley based Plug and Play.
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Nixter’s nightclub mobile app startup gets VIP access again!

Nixter, the Chilean startup looking to improve your nightlife experience, and also the recent crowd favorite at Incuba’s Geek Fantasy Camp (Oct 25-29) proves that 3 times a charm! The rapidly growing startup has hit three major milestones in less than 30 days, winning a cash award plus a trip to Silicon Valley inclusive of mentorship from top startup founders and investors.

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