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Tina Seelig: ‘Chile is like Silicon Valley fifty years ago’

Cristóbal García, Director of EmprendeUC (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) is calling to the world for support. He wants major leaders in science, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, public policy, designed to make Chile think and act big and commit to the greatest challenges as a university, country, region and a planet. He shares his vision in the newly released documentary: Do Future Atacama 2011.

Produced by ZETADOC Producciones, EmprendeUC (La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and Stanford University the documentary: Do Future Atacama 2011 is intended to showcase the opportunities that are being evolved through the convergence of Silicon Valley with Atacama Valley.

The documentary starts out with Tina Seelig,  Executive Director of Stanford Technology Ventures stating that Chile is like Silicon Valley fifty years ago. Michael Barry who works with Stanford’s d. school which is their school of design adds that he believes that Chile has a far greater potential than they know. “I think that you have an spirit, that just can’t be repressed,” stated Barry.

With Stanford University and Babson College extremely active in Chile’s entrepreneurship community and the recent delegations in town from Silicon Valley, NYC and Washington, DC, it appears there is indeed something huge about to happen in Chile’s entrepreneur and start up community. Take note.

The documentary aired in Chile on Canal 13C.

See the video below (in English and Spanish):