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MonkeyContact: Find everyone you know. Everywhere.

Chile based start up MonkeyContact is a search engine that lets you find all your contacts, that all your networks and applications are using.  Co- founder Tim Delhaes recently presented the MonkeyContact solution to a panel of investors at the Plug and Play Winter Expo 2011.

MonkeyContact is the brainchild of Marcelo Iturbe and Tim Delhaes, who traveled to Silicon Valley, USA in July 2011, as participants of Plug and Play’s Global Connections partnership program with the Chilean Government. Sarah Friedlander currently serves as the Director of Marketing for MonkeyContact. MonkeyContact allows you to find people by name, company, location, job function or a combination. And it does not matter how you are connected to them. MonkeyContact is your personal people search tool!

Both Iturbe and Delhaes are very active in the start up and entrepreneurship community in Latin America with Iturbe co-founding several businesses including MSM Interactive, acquired by Nurun (NUR:CN) and, the largest Google Enterprise Partner in Latin America. And Delhaes is a German who lives and surfs in Chile and is widely known in the Latin American entrepreneur communities for running UK based First Tuesday, a networking group that brings entrepreneurs and investors on you guessed it, the First Tuesday of every month. How’s that for a trip around the world? In September 2011 he launched the first Founder Institute in Chile.

During their time in Plug and Play, Iturbe was able to lead a development and marketing team to get MonkeyContact Version 1 launched to the world why Delhaes traveled back and forth to Chile amidst launching Founder Institute (Chile) and several new chapters of First Tuesday.  Nevertheless, they were able to get the plug in launched which requires you to create an extension browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari soon) and will allow you to find a contact in Gmail, Google Search or the web.

Seems that Delhaes is happy to be back in the trenches of the start up ecosystem after working more than 3 years supporting entrepreneurs in Latin America with First Tuesday. As he recently stated, “it’s time to return to the colosseum and put together my own fights”.

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Knock yourself out….haha. Couldn’t resist!

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